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¿Why the next forza Horizon should be set on Japan?

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Although I am a big loyal fan of the Gran Turismo saga and I consider myself a great player on It I know that titles such as Forza Horizon are the next step when it comes to speak about car games with freeroam possibilities which sim games like Gran Turismo wouldn`t be able to offer on their current game engines, I have sure that games like Forza Horizon are also the next step when it comes to videogames. Forza Horizon 4 although rather exciting for the new tech and features like dynamic weather included on the game I was disappointed with it being set on England which is home to rain & snow, there was not much variety in terms of roads, Either you drove trough London like a cuck filling of tire smoke the bystanders at Harrods with your v8 swapped Nissan, driving through highways like a Hyperactive Audi Driver on LSD at 155mph or just drive on pothole-filled mountain roads that were wetter than a teenage girl's panties whenever seeing Justin Bieber within a few feet of them trying not to drop into the beautiful cold sea.

I am not a video game developer in any way and I know I wouldn`t be able to make a great Game with my avaible means, I know the money Forza horizon makes but... At least I would want the next installment of the Horizon games to be a milestone when it comes to speaking about driving videogames, I want it to break the stores wherever it goes and forever be remembered.

¿Why japan? just look at these roads!


For starters I have to say that Although Japan, like Australia, is an island surrounded by the sea, I have to point out that there is a lot of variety when it comes to speaking of roads, you have the urban centers of Tokyo with a lot of narrow and dark roads or wide and full of lights like Akihabara (Weeb Central) also cities far away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo like Haruna in the prefecture of Gunma Home of the Initial D Protagonist Takumi, There are also the freeways of Tokyo, Home of Animes as Wangan midnight (And the real deal, The Mid-Night club)


I have clear that although it seems that everything is full of mountain roads on Japan (Because it is a huge mountain island surrounded by the sea) the next installment of Forza Horizon surely deserves a big change when its about environment terms, not a big long flat area like Australia surrounded by a few lonely trees, Or a panty-wet country road on England with a couple of lonely mountains and that` s it, Forza Horizon could be greater if it focuses around roads that focused on the skill of the driver rather than the sheer power of it or how good you can ram other players off the road, and mountains are very good places for finding out how fast a driver can be right? And hey... if you still feel the need for speed you can always visit Tokyo`s Wangan or lap around the map on super & hypercars at 170mph

The Iconic places... Lots of Photo oportunities!

When it comes to talk about Iconic locations many people tell me that it`s awesome to have places like Akihabara in which People that make Anime wraps on their cars could put them to Shine and brag about the looks in their places, Kids could upload their Forza shots on their facebook while driving their chrome supercars trough the financial districts... Not to mention that fans of the Mountain passes could also transport themselves to the areas they have seen on their favorite animes, for a much cheaper price if you ask me.

I also got to mention that in Tokyo there are many nice places like Roppongi, Aoyama,Idemitsu... not to mention places like the Honda Headquarters, including Ichōnamiki, probably one of the nicest places to be in Japan including for car spotting, oh I forgot to mention Ginza one of the most flashy places around Tokyo which packs a long stretch of road that can be used as drag strip and when night falls... the lights get even more brighter, don`t forget to drive past the Nissan Gallery too! and of course... cruise around next to the Sportscar dealers.

Fans of Tokyo drift most likely would have their places to be as well, multi-story car parks, Gas stations (In FH3 a single gas station was a COMPLETE developer Oversight)

As for things like Photography mode and Drone mode I know it would be much better for the online-offline mode to be able to record clips with the press of a button (As in GTA IV on PC) and then be able to take pictures of those small clips recorded in order to don`t make moving shots a two-player thing, much less having to edit stationary clips so the cars look like they are moving, a feature like this could go a long way in improving the content the players put down to the webs.

The cars & Their customizations.


When it comes to talking about things like the Itasha, Bosozoku culture ... I know that Japanese cars would be a big part of the game, but I know that Tuner cars would be much more admired than super/hypercars, but they could still shine in terms of speed in the Wangan touring around Tokyo, I want to mention that Forza horizon is one of those games that desperately need Toyota to go back into their manufacturer selection, because the game would basically be incomplete without them not to mention, Muscle Car Manufacturers like Dodge could bring out the Demon for drags at the Ginza, Tesla could also shine with the city of Tokyo and its futuristic atmosphere including Neon customization options, cultures like the Bosozoku, Itasha... they would make certain an impact when it comes to talking about customization options on the game.

Among the customization options I know that cars like the Toyota supra MKV would have to make an appearance with body kits from makers like Rocket bunny, RWB or simply Pandem, Swapping engines alongside their drivetrains would also be a nice plus Although I think it would be REALLY good if they didn`t allow EVERY car to be V10+AWD swapped since that kills the variety of the tuner scene and sinks the good players into sticking with supercars only.

When it comes to speaking about Iconic cars that could make an appearance I would like to include the Devil Z and Takumi`s 86 Trueno (Although some mods would have to be made to comply with copyright stuff) we can also take cars like the Top Secret Supra from Smokey Nagata (The legend that hit 197mph on Brittish highways)

¿The challenges? ¡plenty of them!


I am sure that there are many car manufacturers that do not want to associate with street racing directly or indirectly in any way and I understand their reasons for this, however in this regard I would have a simple solution to make the challenges of Forza horizon adopt a more tone " official "and sure that instead of" illega-official "car race, adopting the themes of games like Need for Speed Pro Street centered about legal racing made on closed roads to the traffic.

It would include sections cut to traffic only the circuit where cars run, people behind the barriers cheering on the public, The A.I traffic turned off... so lamborghinis and Koeniseggs battling it out at 175mph don`t have to worry about plowing a Ford Transit out of the way

Among other popular challenges I know that would suceed with players would be to include drift zones & competitions in Touge areas, People would actively engage to see which player gets the best score at drifting down or up a mountain without mentioning that in places like Hakone the competition would be mostly to see which car can pull the best time on the downhill, I would add modes like duels, Cat & Mouse... to name a few.

And above all, let's not forget Offroad, Mixed roads or Drag Competitions, the latter would place in large straight lines that are present in the financial centers of Tokyo (with barriers like in a drag strip) to see which driver has the quickest car on the 1/4 Mile or the full mile.

I am sure that all car manufacturers can enter the horizon festival without encouraging illegal races in any way, and giving Forza Horizon a more "correct" environment for the young kids in these times, in my view one of the best Ideas for Forza Horizon saga since the Mac N`cheese was invented.



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