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In the last couple of years plenty all kinds of insane Hypercars has been released and teased. We have the all-electric C2 from Rimac, road legal F1 style hybrids for the road like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and AMG Project One and then good ol earth polluting internal combustion from the always trustworthy USA. The Hypercars in question are top speed monsters namely the Hennessey Venom F5 and the SSC Tuatara. The chase for the first production car to do 300mph and 500km/h marks have hotted up seriously and it is these two cars that I believe will be the top dogs to do it. Let me talk you through why one of these two cars will most likely become the new Speed-king.

1. Top Speed Pedigree

Both companies are no stranger to world records. SSC beat the Bugatti Veyron with their Ultimate Aero back in 2007 with a top speed of 256.18 mph - 412.28 km/h and then many years later Bugatti lost out again when the Hennessey Venom GT out did the Veyron SuperSports with a top speed of 270.49 Mph – 435.31 km/h in 2014. They aren’t some flash in the pan company with wild claims.

2. Proper Car Design

Unlike Bugatti and Koenigsegg, SSC and Hennessey did not make fifty special editions of their car to make it better and faster to retain the top speed record. They both went back to the drawing board and completely re-designed, built and tested brand new cars over a long period of time. The SSC Tuatara debuted at Pebble Beach back in 2011 for reference of how long they have been going at it. Both cars have undergone major engine transformations in the middle of the design process for different motives.

3. Statistics

SSC TUATARA: 1750hp from a LS based 5.9L twin turbo flat plane crank V8 designed & built by Nelson Racing Engines. Power will be sent to the rear wheels only via a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox. You might not know them, but trust me when I say they know how to build insane 2000+hp daily driver tire destroyers. The car has a dry weight of 1247kg and the lowest coefficient of drag between all the current hypercars with an alleged Cd of 0.279. It’s power to weight ratio equates to around 1400hp/ton. As I mentioned before, the car originally debuted at Pebble Beach in 2011 but with a claimed top speed of 275mph and 1350hp from a larger 7L twin turbo power unit. They have since ditched it for the smaller engine more revs approach.

Hennessey VENOM F5: 1600+hp from a LS based 7.6L twin turbo V8 designed and built by themselves. Power will be sent to the rear wheels only via a 7 speed single clutch semi-automatic gearbox or if you’re hands aren’t full enough as it is, a traditional 6 speed manual. The car has a wet weight of 1338kg and a drag coefficient of drag of Cd = 0.33. It’s power to weight ratio equates to a minimum 1200hp/ton.

Link to image: https://sports.yahoo.com/koenigsegg-agera-rs-reaches-242-133210702.html

KOENIGSEGG AGERA RS (with One:One engine option): 1341hp from a 5L twin turbo V8 which redlines at 8250rpm. Power is sent to the rear wheels only via 7 speed dual clutch semi-automatic gearbox. The car weighs 1395kg with half a tank of fuel and is the current Top Speed Record holder for production cars with an average speed of 277.9 mph – 447.2km/h. It’s power to weight ratio is close to 1:1 with around 960hp/ton.


Bugatti Chiron: 1479hp from a piece of shit 8L quad turbo W16 engine. Power is wasted and weight is added by the addition of an all-wheel drive system. The Bugatti utilises a 7 speed dual clutch transmission to send the power to the Haldex all-wheel drive system. This pig weighs 1996kg. It’s power to weight ratio equates to around 750hp/ton.

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Like Koenigsegg, both the American car companies are putting their faith in Michelin for sturdy tires to use in their venture for 300mph. One thing that we do not know is how much Hennessey and SSC are underrating their own product to give false information to their competitors. It is after all a specialty of American car manufacturers to lie about horsepower ratings until the car is strapped to a dyno and makes considerably more than the factory claims.

Please vote in the poll below which car you think will break the 300mph first. I’m going for the SSC Tuatara. If the car is anything like its statistics, it will be a rocketship. Thanks for reading. Please comment what you think of the article and what you voted for.