Why The Old School F1 Tracks Deserve To Be Raced On

Do I even have to explain why?

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As the 2021 season is coming to a start, we have to always look back at how the 2020 season was probably one of the best Formula 1 seasons to exist. The 2020 Formula 1 season was so unpredictable and uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why it was such a great and thrilling season. We had so many great drives, and races throughout this 'shortened' season. Yet, the most significant part is that due to the Coronavirus, many tracks were not able to host Grand Prix races. Which meant many old school tracks that either have not been raced on or have not been raced on for a long time have been added to that 17 race schedule. Providing the 2020 season full of excitement, thrill, and nostalgia. Sadly, as the 2021 season makes an appearance soon, we know things will have to go back to "normal". Boring tracks that give us no battles nor any emotion, I mean just look at the 2021 season calendar... yikes.

Boring, boring, and boring. Did I say it was boring? Yes, some tracks are great, and they give us great races. Although, it's just predictable every time, unlike 2020. Even though the 2021 season has not even started yet, it is pretty obvious that F1 will go back to how it was before. However, you might have noticed an empty spot in Round 4 of the 2021 schedule. Round 4 is still to be decided, which has given us F1 fans and old school junkies hope that F1 will include one of the old school tracks from the 2020 schedule. Vietnam has been taken off the 2021 F1 season calendar, and now it is being decided which track will replace it. It could be one of the new tracks we have not raced on till 2020, such as Portimao, Mugello, or even the outer Bahrain layout, Sakhir. There're many reasons why these tracks need to be raced on again...

The Nürburgring

The 2020 season consisted of races held on many nostalgic tracks that have not been raced on in a long time or have never been raced on before. Such as the Nürburgring, which returned to F1 after 6 years. It held F1 races up to 2013 until it made its return in 2020. It gave us an interesting race, with the Honeybadger getting his first Renault podium at the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix. The Nürburgring is such an iconic track, not only for F1 but for many motorsports and racers. It is also held next to the Nordschleife, one of the most difficult and most iconic F1 tracks of all time. The unpredictable and compelling weather conditions that weekend, caused the first practice to be canceled. Which gave the drivers less experience on the track, and for it made a captivating race. It gave many drivers who have raced on this track a lot of nostalgia, and it gave many long time F1 fans the same fuzzy feeling.


This track really needs no explanation as to why it deserves to be raced on. It has never been raced on in Formula 1 history, only Scuderia Ferrari would use Mugello for F1 testing. Many fans weren't too sure about Mugello, and they were skeptical about this "new" track. This track is an old school track, smack dab in the middle of Tuscany, filled with elevation changes and fast corners. Let's just say it was pretty hard on the neck, although the track proved to be one of the best tracks we have ever seen. Giving us one of the best races in the 2020 season, the Tuscan Grand Prix proved to be chaotic and utterly shocking.

How many red flags in this race? We don't even know, the race was taken over by a series of incidents, the first being a multi-car collision between Kimi Raikkonen, Romain Grosjean, Monza winner Pierre Gasly and Max Verstappen, who reported a loss of power at the start. Although the second crash was a huge accident at the Safety Car restart involving Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlos Sainz Jr, Kevin Magnussen, and Nicholas Latifi causing another red flag, due to the immense crash. Honestly, we don't even know how many times we restarted. Alex Albon also got his first podium in Mugello, taking it from Renault's Daniel Ricciardo. Only 12 drivers finished the race at Mugello... If that does not answer your question as to why this should be on the 2021 Calendar, then I don't know what does.

"It's lights out and away we go"

"It's lights out and away we go"

"It's lights out and away we go"


Like Mugello, Portimao was never raced on, meaning that F1 has never held a Grand Prix there. The Portuguese Grand Prix was also held in Lisbon first then Estoril, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s. Although, F1 had returned to Portugal in 2020, yet, they did not return to Estoril. They set to race in Portimao, on Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, which is also an old school track. This track is really a 'true' and pure racing track, with many exciting elevation changes and high-speed corners, and 4 or 5 hard braking zones to make it balanced, it is truly an awesome track. And it gave us awesome racing as well. Yes, Lewis, Valterri, and Max were on the podium steps again, but this track was not shy of being a great challenge for the drivers and a great experience for the fans. It would be a nice change to what all the tracks are now...


Again, this track needs no introduction. Imola is one of the most famous, most iconic, most classic, and one of the most emotional tracks of all time. The Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari is a racetrack near the Italian town of Imola. The anti-clockwise track has been a fan favorite for many, many years. Imola has so much history and passion, and we know that from many experiences at the track. Sadly, the most known moment of Imola is when F1 legend and icon, Ayrton Senna died there during the San Marino GP.

Yet, we always look at the positives of the place, Imola is a very tight, and hard overtaking track. Named after the great Enzo Ferrari and his son, Imola has been a very iconic and very old school track, and the drivers were very excited to return. Well... none of them have really raced there. Ironically, only two practice sessions were given, so the drivers weren't able to get a lot of experience and practice, making for better racing. The 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix gave us immense racing, with the Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo being able to secure his second podium with Renault that year. While the iconic track returned to F1 since 2006, the iconic shoey returned to the podium as well...

It has also been rumored that Imola is the top choice to fill in that TBC spot, and we couldn't be more joyful...


Two words, Istanbul track. What a race and race weekend that was. Intercity İstanbul Park returned to F1 in the chaotic and insane 2020 season. It made a one-off return in 2020 after the obvious major schedule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Intercity İstanbul Park has always been one of the best and most interesting tracks in Formula 1. I mean come on, have you seen Turn 8? That turn is like the Eau Rouge of Turkey, Turn 8 is like a Turkish Delight, it is one of the most challenging corners in F1. And the drivers couldn't have been more excited to take on the longest corner in Formula 1. Alright, ill move on, since we can't only talk about turn 8. Anyways, Turkey demonstrated how much us F1 fans and drivers have missed İstanbul Park since Formula 1 hasn't hosted a Grand Prix in Turkey since 2011.

The Turkish Grand Prix even won the best Grand Prix of 2020, why you ask? Well, let's recap what really happened. Since Intercity İstanbul Park has not been raced on in a long time, they had to set new tarmac on the track right before the weekend. Something that turned out to be a bad idea, turned into one of the best ideas ever. When new tarmac is laid, it is very slippery and oily, which caused the drivers to slip and slide everywhere. Let us not forget Qualifying day, when it was raining hard, that rain mixed with the slippery ground making it absolutely impossible to find grip and to set a time. The track already didn't have grip, now with the weather, it became unfeasible.

And the drama did not stop there, as Lance Stroll took his first pole position in his career... in the rain, at Istanbul. Yes, you heard that right, Stroll was on pole. Stroll lead the race, but sadly he lost the lead to Lewis Hamilton who also took his 7th World Title. Equaling Michael Schumacher's record, a very big achievement indeed. Sergio Perez took second place, and Sebastian Vettel was on the podium again for 3rd place. I think after that race we all said, what the f-

I think I gave some pretty good reasons as to why F1 needs to incorporate these tracks into their 2021 season. Yes, these places don't have enough money to host these tracks in the season. But, you have to look at how much drama and excitement it gave us fans and drivers. It gave us so many memories we will never forget. Vintage and classic are always better, those tracks have character and emotion. They bring passion and a great unpredictable scheme to the races, they are not like sterile parking lots. So let us plead Formula 1 to include them in the future...

Which Old School track would you like to replace in 2021?

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  • One of my favourite things about the 2020 season was all the different tracks, honestly made it so much more exciting

      1 month ago
  • "It's lights out and away we go for the fifteenth time".

    I love how you kept repeating it😂😂😂

    Nicely done!

      1 month ago
  • I hope they bring more of those "forgotten" racetracks back. My favorite in 2020 was Mugello, with the fast corners.

    Let's see how 2021 will be with the cheddar racetrack. 😂

      1 month ago
  • Bring back the imola! There's so much emotions down there! And thank you for your dedication to write this article so much fun to read!

      1 month ago
  • Portimao 2021!

    It is not really feasible but I would like them to mix up a few, say five of the scheduled races each season with tracks around the world that are picked randomly out of a different F1 Champions helmet each year at a televised pre-season ceremony that we could all be a part of. This would spread much cheer and not to mention cash around to some different areas and would spice the seasons up a bit. Not so boring and predictable. 🤔🏎

      1 month ago
    • I totally agree! Couldn’t have said it better myself! It would be amazing if they mixed it up, it would bring nostalgia and more unpredictable races!

        1 month ago
    • F1 and FIA can’t even keep unsavory characters out of the driver lineup so the above would be like a moon landing, just sayin’.

        1 month ago