Why the Spartan is the ultimate track weapon

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What makes a great track car?

Aussie twin brothers Nick and Peter Pap, creators of the Spartan track car have spent eight loving years building what they believe to be the ultimate toy for the racetrack.

Watch it in action here:

Here's why it could be one of the best track cars ever made:

The brothers have carefully selected lightweight materials to shave off pesky kilograms wherever possible

The Spartan weighs just 550 kg – around a tonne lighter than most standard road-going cars. Weight has been reduced thanks to the use of carbon fibre and by building the car around a tubular space frame chassis. To simplify things further, the interior has all you need for a track demolishing session – and nothing more.

The Spartan offers a raw driving experience.

To make the Spartan go like a stabbed rat, the Pap brothers have slapped in a supercharged 2.4-litre engine that produces a monstrous 400 horsepower. Combine that with the 550 kg kerb weight and you get a 0-62 mph time of 2.4 seconds. Woah!

The Spartan's design has been inspired by race cars from the 1960s

Top speed is 152 mph, which most owners will be more than happy with as the Spartan offers no creature comforts to protect you from the elements. Only a simple traction control system is included to keep the driving experience as savage as possible.

A manual gearbox is available to spec as an optional extra, otherwise you get a six-speed sequential as standard.

Only 300 Spartans will be made, get it?

The Spartan rolls into battle at a cool £82,000 – more than double the cost of an Ariel Atom, which is road legal, but the Aussie rival isn't. So what would you go for?

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