Why the UPTIS airless tyre is a real game-changer

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Tyre giant, Michelin has teamed up with General Motors to create a new type of tyre for the road-going car that requires no air whatsoever. The new UPTIS tyre (Unique Puncture-Proof Tyre System) is said to be a safer, more economical alternative to the current type of air-filled tyres currently on the market.

Uptis tyre unveiled at Movin'On 2017

The concept isn't new, Michelin has been developing the airless tyre since way back in 2005 but have struggled to replicate the characteristics of the normal everyday tyre. But that's all going to change in 2024, when Michelin and GM aim to release UPTIS.

Fitted to a road-going car

The tyre is made of composite rubber and resin-embedded fibreglass - which enables it to handle the weight of a car at normal road speeds. UPTIS is said to totally eliminate punctures and blow-outs, as well providing an increased life-span thanks to less wear caused by under/over inflation of traditional air tyres.

Tyres will have a 3D printed rechargeable tread pattern

Michelin claim that around 200 millions tyres a year are prematurely scraped because of damage, such as irreparable punctures on brand new tyres which can cost drivers hundreds of pounds a year in replacements.

Chevrolet Bolt electric cars will be the first vehicles to start real-world testing on later this yer

No price has been released yet, but expect them to cost a pretty penny. After all, they could be the only set of tyres you ever buy!

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