Why the V10 BMW M5 is a 500HP affordable future investment

WAS: $226,000 (2005 model)

NOW: $33,000 – $70,000

Said to have been powered by the tears of environmentalists, the E60-Series M5 was not for the faint of heart. With a motorsport-derived 5.0-litre V10, RWD and with sheep-like clothing, the E60 M5 was the quintessential super-sports sedan of its time. And you could make a very good case that it still stands on the pedestal.

Here's why it's an affordable future investment:

1. It's an Endangered Species

Thanks to the petitions of conservationist organisations and the pleas of tree-hugging politicians, the petrol-powered automotive world has its neck pinned against a wall. Ever-tightening emission regulations have forced companies to downsize their engines, adding turbochargers and electro-wizardry, in order to survive the pressure.

Translation: The naturally aspirated V10 E60 M5 isn’t long for this world.

2. The Engine! The Noise!

At 8,250rpm, the motorsport-derived V10 in the M5 produces a truly soul-stirring noise unlike anything else on the market today. It is melodic brilliance; soulful yet industrial.

Sure, the engine itself can be a little, *ahem*, 'temperamental', however, the reliability will be the last thing on your mind once you hear it the V10's earth-shattering howl.

3. It's an Understated Masterpiece

Aside from the four tail-pipes peeping out of the rear bumper and light sprinkling of 'M' badges, there is very little that hints at the M5's supercar-tackling potential. This is a very good thing.

The M5 is not a car for peacocking . It hasn't been designed to parade around the streets of Beverley-Hills bathed in camera-phone flashes. Rather, it has been designed exclusively for the driving enthusiast. A car for those 'in the know'. For the humble.

The M5 has no need to gloat. It knows it could pummel the red Supra parked alongside it at the traffic lights, but chooses not to. It goes about its business without causing a fuss, cosseting its occupants in comfort and luxury. However, when the time comes for it to get its groove on, it steps up to the pedestal and dances like very few cars can. It truly is the swiss-army knife of cars.

But what about the environment?

You could, of course, yield to the will of the David Ritter and his Greenpeace© hippies, and purchase a new Tesla Model 3. You wouldn’t regret it, of course; knowing you’d saved a handful of white rhinos from extinction, and avoided an inevitable tsunami of repair bills. However, you’d forever be haunted, wondering “what if”. What if you’d chosen to ignore all common sense and bought a petrol-guzzling, penguin-punching V10 M5?

You’d probably have gone broke within 3 weeks of ownership, sure, but maybe, just maybe, you’d have bought yourself a gateway drug to driving nirvana.

In today’s day and age, a V10 sedan is a precious wonder. Track down a low-kilometre model and treasure it forever.

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