- It looks very good in the R-Design trim.


The Volvo V90 is a really good looking car, especially in the R-Design trim, which if you would like to know that adds, 19" 5-Spoke alloy wheels, Dual integrated tail pipes and a Lowered sports chassis. They are not the only things which comes with the R-Design trim, it adds some safety features and more trims for the interior, I will cover these in the interior section of this review. The front looks sporty but smart at the same time, what makes it looks sporty is that there are a multitude of sharp creases on the front of the car which continues down the shoulder line of the vehicle. They match the sleek thor's hammer headlights. The back looks good too, with the sloping rear windscreen and the exhaust pipes.


Inside the Volvo V90 it looks very Swedish and Scandinavian, by that i mean minimalist and simple, it doesn't have many buttons and it is very uncluttered. In the centre of the cabin is a 9-inch infotainment system which Volvo calls a Sensus. The infotainment system is relatively easy to use, you get the basic features like navigation and Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your phone and play music through the high-performance audio system. I would also like to point out that the touchscreen works while you have gloves on! This is good for cold mornings in the north of Sweden, or just a chilly morning in England. Along with this the screen has a anti-reflective coating on which helps minimise reflections and glare. Lets talk about the comfort now and well, it is really comfortable, with soft leather seats and it is light and airy, overall it is a very nice place to sit, don't worry if you fall asleep though as it comes will a lot of safety systems and it is a very safe car, I advise you not to though.

this side of a Rolls-Royce Phantom you will find no finer car interior.

Jeremy Clarkson

The practicality

Volvo estates have always had really good practicality so you would think that this V90 would also be brilliant in the practicality department, well you would be right by thinking that, with the seats up you get a good 560 litres of space in the boot, with the seats down you get 1,526 litres which is good enough although it is not as good as other rivals like the BMW 5 series touring and the Audi A6 Avant (which both have more than 1,600 litres of space). But the boot size is still very decent and usable in daily life.


Looks brilliant, very comfortable and one of the safest cars you can get.


It is very expensive and the design hampers interior space.

A great looking car which is practical and safe.

Thank you for reading my review on the Volvo V90, I would appreciate your feedback in the comments. Photo credits- Autocar and Carwow.

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