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Why time attack isn't real racing

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Nobody watches F1 solely for the qualifying. After all, why would you? The real racing is on Sunday, when overtakes get completed, and side-by-side racing takes place.

Yet, in some sectors of the automotive world, this sort of 'motorsport' (in which the results of a race are decided by lap time) is gaining popularity. It's called time attack, and, I'm sorry, but it's utterly pointless.

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Motorsport is wheel-banging, exciting drama in a pack of uber-fast race cars competing against each other, and it takes more than lap times to win. In real racing, you need to have expert race craft, trust in other drivers, and good overtaking skills, but in time attack, you need a decked out civic with a big wing, grippy tires, and that's just about it. No real racing, just clipping apex after apex, and no on-track competition. And, that's just where the issue lies: no on-track competition

See, battling in cars should be done on tarmac, with bumping sidepods and centimeters between cars because that's what's exciting! It shouldn't take place on a time sheet, or in sector three, where Falken Tire's GTR gained two tenths on the #3 Mitsubishi Evo.

In time attack, there are no Dijon '79 moments, where the lead is decided by a few millimeters, and you can see in real time where the race was won or lost. Instead, you lose that excitement, as all you see are some numbers on a leaderboard flicker between green and red, as an over-modified JDM car crosses a dotted line.

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F1 Qualifying isn't called a race, because there's no racing. The same can be said for time attack.

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  • Closed minded anorak. "Dijon '79". Did you dig that up to impress....no one? You definitely showed your age when you brought in that "back in my day", as well as your naivete about Motorsport in general. If it weren't for hill climb, one of the oldest, if not the oldest form of competitive Motorsport (La Turbie, 1897...see I can use Google too), there would be no F1, or any other form of wheel to wheel racing. WRC, Dakar, Motocross or Rallycross (because it's not tarmac?), drag racing, Isle of Man, the list goes on and on. You sir, are either dumb, or a click bait author who should know better if you've truly watched Motorsport since the '70s. Also, and perhaps sadly, qualifying is oftentimes the most exciting part of a current-era F1 weekend, unless you like watching processions or betting if people will crash or Ferrari will screw up their strategy again.

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  • Rally drivers don't race side by side, yet it's one of the closest and most exciting racing there is. The clock is the ultimate competitor and for Time Attack, the clock determines the fastest and best. This style of competition is about technology, engineering, reliability, skill and downright determination.

    20 days ago
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