Why to vote for Hammond PT-1

    Lets be real, this is the balanced option

    5w ago


    We should all support Hammond in the DriveTribe election. The first reason is that he is a balanced person. He is the youngest out of the group, yet has the most projects ranging a wide range of old British cars, yet is still modern enough to buy, an EV. Even then, he still bought Morgan, a car which is 140,000 years old. he has cars from pre-war, to motorcycles, and lots of 50s and 60s cars. He also makes regular content on DriveTribe YouTube channel, showing he is dedicated to the platform. He will bring this balanced Decision making into DriveTribe. He also drives a lotus Elise, which, I mean, makes him indefinitely cool

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    • Lotus esprit* my mind blanked for a moment, will properly fix tomorrow

        1 month ago


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