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Why TopGear is the greatest motoring show of all time.

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Top Gear - What is it?

If you're reading this, you've almost definitely seen, or heard of TopGear, the motoring TV which aired in the form you all know and love from 2002-2015, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (Later, when he found the studio). It started off being a simple motoring show which reviewed cars and answered growing questions like, "can you beat a speed camera if you go fast enough", and can you really kill a Toyota Hilux?

These questions, although maybe not asked, made Top Gear a massive hit, a Saturday night snuggle up, and a rainy day binge. By 2006, they were making season specials, and this could mean going to Canada for a polar special, or going to the Middle East for "three wise men."

Soon Top Gear became more than just a motoring show - it became a culture. A fanbase soon emerged, and the trio soon got privileges like voice overs in Forza Motorsport 4, and appearances on TV shows like the Jonathon Ross show and the Graham Norton show. Soon the show expanded more, with a massive audience, and massive cheques. It soon became the number one watched factual show of all time. Sadly in 2015, the show as we know it ended, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May leaving the show together. The trio soon founded The Grand Tour and, obviously, DRIVETRIBE. I don't think anyone uses that DRIVETRIBE thing though.. Just Joking!


Because of all the appearances off and on air, they gained a massive following, larger than any other motoring show before and after it. At one point, Season 9 averaged 7.45 Million viewers per episode. The fanbase grew bigger and bigger, and their content was truly amazing, getting better after each series where they "learned" to "grow up" on countless occasions. The reason why it was so popular (in my opinion) , was because of the mix of facts and jokes. The way they made Peugeot to be the bad peoples' car, and the Prius to be the car lovers' nightmare, actually changed car culture forever.

The way they made Peugeot to the bad peoples' car, and the Prius to be the car lovers' nightmare, actually changed car culture forever.

Captain cars

Their best moments

Top Gear definitely had some amazing moments, and there are too many to count on my hand, or (in-fact) 10,000 hands. They were so good at being, well, good!

Comment down below what your favourite moment from Top Gear (2002-2015) is!


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  • I really can't say what their best moment was.

    You're right, it's the greatest show of all time.

    19 days ago
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  • A talk show has never captured the hearts and emotions of any audience, especially not a millions deep audience. I can't imagine people rewatching sports center, or crying when it ended. It has transcended the limits and tropes of what a talk show is, what it is supposed to be, and has become a legend of television that can't quite be replicated, and never will be again. It was a one in a billion combination of hundreds of factors.

    7 days ago
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