Why Toyota should rename the Supra

7w ago


A comeback is a return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful. The definition might seem very simple and something that is pretty achievable but when it comes to fabricating successful comebacks, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

Making comebacks can be a very difficult business and when it comes to cars, it becomes even harder. Toyota this year has given us the most hyped car worldwide, the Supra. The main feature that has complicated the comeback of the Supra, (a significant car in Japan's history let alone Toyota's) is that it has a German heart.

Don't get me wrong here, the BMW powertrain in the Supra is very good but the non-German car the engine or even the bodywork is in is not suitable to it. The Supra is meant to be the true distilled essence of JDM Fans, not a tribute band by different singers.

The last Supra, the A80, translates the perfect Supra, whose job is to vapourise Bridgestones and be the Quintessential Japanese Sports Car.

But maybe Toyota using a BMW engine for its most hyped car is not the problem, maybe the problem is that Toyota has named this car the 'Supra'.

Think about it in a different way, if Toyota would have named this car the 'Zenith' or something else, then half of the criticism for this car would have been chopped off. Then we'd be adoring this car's brilliant exterior and would be appreciating Toyota's effort of bringing up the heat to the big boys. So a different name for this car is the perfect cure Toyota has for all the rant about it.

By having the name 'Supra' written on its back, this car has got the load of some big expectations. 'Everybody wants the Son to be better than the Dad'. this is the exact case with the Supra. The overload of expectations just because of five letters on its boot lid have overpowered a great car.

I think our approach towards the Supra has also become a bit negative because of the high influence of BMW. The moment we see a Supra or have a look at its pictures, there is only one question echoing in our mind, "Which parts are from BMW?"

Alpine also made a comeback and it was spot on, but not every story has a happy ending. Toyota tried, and it is a good try, but a try that should not be labelled as a comeback.

Renaming now though is not a solution for Toyota, and Toyota will also not rename it. The A90 is child trying to wear his Dad's office boots and that cannot happen.

If you do not care about the heritage, then buy a Supra but if you do, you might want to look somewhere else cause the Supra does fall short on reflecting its heritage.

If Toyota would have not called it the Supra, then I would have not written this 500 word muttering about the Supra.