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      Why Toyota should work with Lotus for a new MR2

      This seems viable until the engine deal runs out

      Alden Neo posted in Jdm

      5w ago


      Toyota in recent years has properly reinvigorated its brand from making dull cars to making fun cars, with the Toyota GT86 made with Subaru, the controversial A90 Toyota Supra made with BMW and the very awesome in house made GR Yaris with more models due soon like the new 86 and the GRMN Corolla for the US market. However from all of this there is one model missing, the MR2, Toyota has stated that although they want to bring back the MR2, it currently is not a priority. This goes along with rumors that the MR2 will come back as a EV or even better perhaps, a collaboration with Porsche.

      Sadly for either one of those things to become true, we will have to wait for awhile but I think we could see a new MR2 soon if Toyota works with Lotus and here are some reasons why.

      The ideal platform already exists

      The first reason why I think Lotus is a perfect partner for a new MR2 is because Lotus already makes their own much more hardcore MR2 (sort of) in the form of the Elise.

      This would make a great MR2 in my opinion because its midengined, small and light so it already is a more hardcore MR2 so Toyota can take this platform and maybe make it more posh inside with creature comforts like infotainment and maybe a radio or something and then design their own body like what they did with the Supra (I know they helped BMW develop the chassis and engine). The end result would be a Lotus Elise that is appealing to more people as they may want a sports car that is not as sparsely equipped as a Lotus Elise but still has a very good driving experience even if it is a little worse then the much more barebones Elise.

      It would be financially viable for both companies

      The next and last reason goes in conjunction with the first reason, if they take an existing Lotus Elise and make an MR2 out of it the cost would be significantly lesser as the R&D would have already been done along with the fact that the Elise already uses a Toyota engine means Toyota does not need to reengineer the car to fit Toyota's own engine (unless they want a different engine). The fact that Lotus develops very good chassis means that Toyota probably will not need to tweak the chassis further.

      All Toyota would have to do is design a body for the car so that it does not end up as a literal rebadged Elise and just make a interior for it (or just leave it as a barebones car). This would make the project financially viable as with the Supra and BMW, the cost would be significantly reduced.

      So what do you think? Should Toyota work with Lotus? Or should they either do it on their own or try to work with Porsche? Let me know below with the poll

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      Comments (21)

      • Im getting unattractive Tesla vibes from the header....😬

          1 month ago
      • This concept car looks fantastic. Make it look like that and I’ll have two!

          1 month ago
        • Kind of prefer the elise look in the mr2 rather than the concept

            1 month ago
      • Tbh I don't want another mr2 cuz they will probably fuck it up and make it ugly or electric or auto

          1 month ago
      • I am so glad you have wrote about this. If you haven't, I certainly would've. :) Now, Both Toyota-Lotus and Toyota-Porsche options might be good and viable. First one more so as the two already are in partnership for the engines but should use a newly developed platform. And as Lotus is thinking to revive their Esprit, I'd hope they would go to the original design with the 4 cylinder engine ( I know, kill me ) so that it would save a lot on development for the MR2 sibling. And engine is the reason why collaboration would make more sense with Lotus as Porsche would definitely stick to their boxer that isn't MR2's thing. Plus, Toyota would have one more boxer from a different suppler. Unless they would manage to fit the Subaru/Toyota in-house unit in.

          1 month ago
        • Thanks but isn't the new boxsters and caymans flat 6 because no one bought one?

            1 month ago
        • I personally just don’t buy Porsche’s but would buy one that is badged differently

            30 days ago
      • God I thought it was a new peugot RCZ

          1 month ago
        • Still waiting for a new one

            1 month ago


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