Why UK car buyers are the most boring in the world

8w ago


Grey cars, a perky Honda EV, Aston going all out, and a very expensive Supra top the charts this week. Here’s your round up...

Oh my the UK is boring

Exciting car, dull colour

‘Resale grey’ is a thing. People like grey cars, presumably because they make buyers feel like they’re some sort of future cop/crime fighter, and bought more grey cars in 2018 than any other colour. Some 20.99 per cent of new cars sold in the UK were grey, with black and white picking up the second and third spots respectively.

C’mon, team, maybe try something daring next time? Like, I dunno… red? Or Blue? Or maybe yellow?

Honda’s latest Urban EV sketch is a car you’ll want to hug


Last year, Honda’s Urban EV Concept made pretty much everyone that saw it make a strange ‘squee’ noise. It was small and cute, and harked back to Hondas of old.

It was retro chic done good. A design sketch of the final car has been released ahead of a prototype debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It looks like the concept has been to the gym and I LOVE it. The face of small EVs is now adorable.

The first 2020 Toyota Supra sold for HOW MUCH?!


The first Toyota Supra has been sold at the 48th annual Barrett-Jackson auction for £1.6million. That’s roughly 32 times the base price of the car. That is an enormous wodge of cash for something that doesn’t have a prancing horse, kiwi tick, wings, or shield on the nose.

However, scoffing at the price tag would be churlish – the proceeds of the auction went to the American Heart Association and the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The former organisation is all about fighting heart disease and strokes, while the latter is there to support veterans (and their families) who were affected post-9/11. Worthy causes both.

Still… the person who gets Supra number two is making a hell of a saving.

Valkyrie goes all Q

Aston does the pretty pretty

Aston Martin’s super exclusive hypercar, Valkyrie, is getting some rather special options. The bods from AMR can pop some (interchangeable to keep the car road legal) bits on there to make it 8 per cent (ish) quicker around a track for one.

Or there are a number of options to make it look just as the owner would like it to. I can’t help but imagine that most buyers will, when asked which options they’d like, simply say “yes”.