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W​hy Update What Need Not Be Updated?

I​n an age of constant needing to have the newest and best thing, certain cars remain trendsetters simply for their ability to remain the same...

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A​bsolute is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about the big, the complex, and the unexplainable. It is the idea of completeness on steroids, multifaceted, and all encompassing in its vastness. It is a multipurpose word, most often used to describe larger than life things such as the universe, life, and yes, it's a brand of vodka as well. It is for these reasons that I believe there are certain vehicles that transcend reality, that are beyond complete, and that just exist to be themselves. Yes, I am once again talking about the Toyota Corolla, but not just the Corolla, or any specific car for that matter, as it is largely opinion what I am about to speak to.

In terms of my own Corolla, I recently rolled 7,007 miles, so in honor of Mr. Bond (7- 007? Get it? I know, I know...), here are some ramblings of just why the Corolla, and indeed certain other universally agreed upon benchmark cars, transcend the reality of the automotive world. Being the number 1 best selling car of all time by no means hurts the Corolla. It and the Ford F series pickup truck have outsold all other cars for many years, but I don't believe their record sales come from just their popularity in the global vehicle market by chance. Certainly the Corolla and F-150 are not the most expensive cars of all time, but their popularity has grown not just from price but from a history- a history of trend setting (in the positive way), reliability, and customer relationship. This, I believe, is what has created their impressive and unprecedented global foothold.

T​o be honest, I think I have pinpointed my beliefs on the popularity of cars like the Corolla down to one word: whole. Now you probably think I am just trying to be trendy, hipster, what have you saying a one word answer to this, but hear me out. Wholeness to me (at least when it comes to cars) means that it is a vehicle not worth updating very often, both on the side of the consumer and the manufacturer. I don't mean this solely for financial reasons, but because these kinds of vehicles have done the same thing for so long they need not be updated much. Toyota is quite obviously the master at this (the 4 runner hasn't been updated largely since the early 2000's). While certainly there are detriments and the valid argument of a car becomes boring when it is not updated every so often, there is an element that is left which I feel is largely missing from the modern world, and that is being happy with what we have. To not feel the need to update constantly, be it a phone, something as mundane as kitchen utensils, or a car is to have peace in my mind, and the Corolla and Ford F series largely are the definition of this in the automotive world. They are, in short, complete and timeless packages.

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  • Yep. My daily driver is a very scruffy 1995 Corolla. It runs and drives very well, everything works, it has hot heat and cold AC and a good stereo and comfy seats. Really, what more do you need?

      1 month ago
    • Very nice! Even if you do need more, everyone regardless of wealth can always use a good little reliable runabout that will run forever

        1 month ago
  • Fantastic article.

      1 month ago
  • True dat!

      1 month ago
  • "A constant need to have the newest thing" That's fear of missing out, one of the few if not the only phobia purposely made and used for marketing. It is ruining innovation, critical thinking and creativity, and of course, the car industry is not immune to the temptations of such methods.

      1 month ago
    • Absolutely! Just look at the willingness to be indebted for life. Of course money is a necessary evil but I personally find that forcing myself to be happy with what I have while working towards things is a difficult balancing act, but much...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • My daily is a 2010 Mazda3, the basic 5-speed model, and it does everything I ask of it without complaint. Very reliable too. I still see dozens of this generation on the roads everyday, so I believe this is one of those vehicles, like the Corolla and F150, that is built just right.

      1 month ago