Whatever people say about Valtteri, IMO he is the correct choice for that seat, and here is why

1y ago

Mercedes have dominated formula 1 every single year in the turbo hybrid era and there is no doubt this domination will continue for some years to come. So it becomes obvious that a top tier team like Mercedes requires only the best drivers. Valtteri's predecessor Nico Rosberg was not just able to fight Lewis but also beat him and become the championship winner in 2016. Valtteri joined Mercedes in 2017, and even though he has never been able to match Lewis or even give him a tough fight for the championship the team have retained him for 2021. This led to people asking, why Valtteri?

The top 3 teams- Mercedes, Ferrari and Red bull- have mainly 2 aims in a season (IMO). To win the constructors championship, and a 1-2 finish in the drivers standing.

A team like Mercedes are well aware of their chances to win the constructors championship but what about the drivers championship. It's clear that Lewis will win this years championship without a sweat equaling Michael Schumacher's record of 7 titles. So if Lewis wins next year not only will he be the person to win the highest number of championships but also expanding his lead on highest number of race wins, pole positions, fastest laps, etc. Valtteri winning the championship only offers 1 championship, an advancement from 8 wins to maybe 15 wins and a couple of pole positions.So it becomes clear that success of Lewis gives them more than Valtteri can ever give.

Valtteri has never been threatening to Lewis nor does he question Mercedes about an occasional poor strategic move which favors Lewis, so if Mercedes want a record breaking season Valtteri is their best bet.So it becomes clear that Valtteri's continuation with the team is not because of his performance on the track but because he might give Lewis a smooth sail to the record breaking 8th championship wins.

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