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Recently Porsche announced that they had developed a new synthetic fuel that burned as cleanly as an electric vehicle and as efficiently as gasoline. This is huge news and completely changes everything!!! And this got me thinking, and I realized that Porsche has always been there to advocate for us enthusiasts. From the very beginning with the 356 and the 550 Spyder, they built those cars knowing that no regular man or woman would buy it, that they would have to be a true car nut to want to own it.

Many enthusiasts say that an old air-cooled Porsche is one of the best driving experiences out there, that you can feel everything and that their is a sense of danger yes but that just adds to the character of the car. Porsche truly does represent the ultimate drivers car (Yes I know that BMW has a very similar slogan but in my opinion Porsche is better) they no how to make a car feel, sound and drive in order to create a driving paradise whenever you are behind the wheel, and even if the air-cooled engines are now long gone the tradition of making great drivers cars continues.

Now that Porsche went Water-cooled in 1999 with the 996 generation, Porsche purists went MAD!!! But all was not lost, as the 911 continues to this day to be a brilliant, fast, and unbelievably fun car. My favorite of the new water-cooled 911's was the 2016 911 R, which Porsche did everything they could in order to make it as perfect as possible, it had the 500hp naturally aspirated 4.0L flat six out of the GT3 RS, and a six-speed manual transmission sending power to only the rear wheels, it felt like a love letter to us enthusiasts. They built the perfect 911 just for us.

Porsche hasn't just saved it's brilliance for the 911 and 356 either, they have also created many innovative vehicles over the years, their was the 944 a front engined sports car with 50/50 weight distribution, having a 4-cylinder (with the option of a turbo) at the front and the transmission at the back, then you had the 928 which had a V8 and was extremely fast for it's time. Then of course you had the 959 which was one of the first ever super cars to have all-wheel-drive, it was considered to be the most technologically advanced car of it's time, and set the benchmark for future super cars, not just from Porsche but everywhere, AWD is a must on mot modern super cars. Then their was the Cayenne, one of the very first truly sporty SUVs, now every high end manufacturer has a sporty SUV of some kind. Then their was the Panamera which was a practical sports sedan that was a little ugly at first but they fixed that later. Then their was the Cayman/Boxster a mid-engined baby 911, it was half the price of a 911 but many thin it might be better due to it's perfect weight distribution. Then finally there was the 918 spyder a hybrid supercar, one of the first of it's kind it was blisteringly fast, and shot flames out the roof!!!! It is like the 959 one of the all time great super cars. Porsche has made a car that fits everyone's specific needs, but did it in a way that each vehicle could be enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. They always made sure that each car could fit the needs of us enthusiasts.

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  • I have a unhealthy obsession with Porsche. They have the most perfect designs, the most perfect shape and the best innovation.

    They strive for perfection and they have been so consistent in the automotive and motorsport world all these years. Porsche brings that raw driving experience that is rare in today’s age. They understand us enthusiasts. They are unique, and the 911 evolution is something special and exclusive to Porsche which is what i love! Great article Ethan!

      10 days ago
  • It’s an amazing car brand I love it because they strive for excellence

      10 days ago
  • Porsche knows car enthusiasts better than anyone, probably the reason why the made the e fuel. Hope they let motorcycle companies use it. Great article by the way

      10 days ago
    • Thank you! And I'm sure they will, that would help lower the prices on the E fuel

        10 days ago
    • That's a relief for the motorcycle enthusiasts like me

        10 days ago
  • I genuinely love that brand. They never fail to impress. Can't wait to see combustion engines stay!

      10 days ago
    • Agreed, and wonce this new fuel is finished it will pretty much render electric cars useless

        10 days ago
  • Porsche are doing great things!

      10 days ago