Why we need another Renault Espace F1

Or if another manufacturer wants to do it I'm not complaining...

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If you are interested in French cars or play old Gran Turismo games, you would have heard of something called the Renault Espace F1, the absolute mad and insane 90s Espace look alike with an absolutely mad 90s F1 V10 engine used in the Williams F1 car. This article is here to tell you why Renault should make another one.

The original...

Before I tell you why we need another one, we should look at the original to get an idea as to what a modern one might look like compared to the original.

Absolute BEAST

Absolute BEAST

So...the original, the first Espace F1 had a lightweight carbon fiber F1 style chassis, and to make it look like an Espace, a carbon fiber reinforced Espace body was fitted on top of the custom made chassis to make it look like an Espace. Engine wise, the Espace has a 3.5 liter, 40 valve Renault RS5 V10 engine, as used in the 1993 Williams-Renault FW15C that made 800hp and was ,ated with the same F1 car gearbox. Said engine was mounted in the middle of the car just like the actual F1 car and to make it stop properly, the car also had carbon ceramic brakes.

For the interior the car had a special steering wheel with shift buttons on the steering wheel and on top of a carbon fiber dashboard. To finish it off, there are 4 carbon fiber bucket seats placed in the car(the rear seats are placed next to the engine wth...) and topped off with special seatbelts(its surprisingly practical).

Performance wise, the Espace F1 could accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.8 seconds and had a top speed of 312 km/h (194 mph). The brakes are equally impressive, the brakes could accelerate from 0–270 km/h (0–168 mph) and brake to a complete halt in under 600 metres (1,969 ft).

Why Renault could make another one

Now as for why Renault could make another one, it is because Renault have a history of making some really mad and crazy cars out of ordinary cars. Along side the Espace F1, Renault also gave us a supped up Renault Zoe called the e-sport, a Twizy with F1 aero and lastly a Clio with a big V6 in the back, take a look below

With that kind of history of making weird one-off cars like that, its very possible for Renault to make another Espace F1, even if its a one-off that will be only driven 2 times and will sit in a museum for the rest of its life. And because it does not have to be a road car, they could just literally just take the engine and running gear out of one of their hybrid F1 cars without the need to modify the engine for road use like the Mercedes AMG ONE, which still has a lot of development to go before being anywhere road ready. There are already some renderings online of a modern interpretation of the Espace F1 with newer Espaces being used.

Not just Renault

Why should we just stop at Renault? After all, there are other carmakers in F1 that currently make vans like Mercedes and Honda, can you imagine a Honda Odyssey with the Red Bull Honda engine in it? Or a Mercedes Vito with a championship winning engine in it and a bunch of aero on it racing with the other Renault and Honda equivalent as a sort of showcase event? That would be awesome. And if this sort of thing takes off, it could increase the popularity of the minivan and MPV and help end the crossover menace.

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  • What if manufacturers (including Renault) made minivans with F1 powertrains and entered a race series made specifically for F1-powered minivans?

      8 months ago
    • We could call it formula van or something?

        8 months ago
    • YES. It's like Hammond's Historical Minivan erm... thing but much, much more crazy

        8 months ago