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Why we need to support the electric change.

In this article I am going to discuss my opinion on the change in the automotive industry now and in the near future.

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As I start to write this article I will now state that this is my opinion and it includes any factual data I can find.

As we are now clearly seeing, electric cars are becoming more accessible to a wider range of people and countries around the world and that they are now in more ways than one targeting ICE vehicles. Firstly in Norway 54.3% of new cars sold were fully electric in 2020 meaning their sales now make up for 10% of Europe's electric car sales. As we can see certain country are taking the lead in the electric car innovation and it seems to be the successor over ICE vehicles, However this is just one country and many other countries for example the UK's EV sales makes up 6.6% of their new cars sold.

Moving on from sales I will now talk about something a lot of petrolheads like, which is performance and as we all now know with the instant torque delivered from electric motors to the wheels is lighting fast and any 'performance' EV will destroy nearly every ICE vehicle in its path up to 100km/h however unless you want to go up and down dragstrip racing against exotic cars like the Lamborghini Aventador SV* with its gigantic naturally aspirated V12 and putting the owners to shame what else can you do; well at the moment that's really it unless you want to wait for a tesla roadster which stated by Tesla Motors can do 250mph or pay 2 million euros for something like the Pininfarina Battista or Lotus Evija you aren't exactly going to be smashing Nürburgring records or top speed records at the moment. If you have been keeping up with EV news you will have heard of the new Tesla Plaid models which have neck snapping speeds of 0-100km/h in 1.99 seconds and a top speed of 200mph in a family electric sedan which is by far the best performance EV for sale in my opinion but looking at any comments in EV posts on Drivetribe the hat for electric cars isn't decreasing just yet and even myself would've preferred a screaming Ferrari V12 over the silence of a electric motor but here I am writing all of this.

Now I get to the more boring but visible reasons for an EV change - Non renewables. If you listened in Science or Geography classes you will know what I am talking about but for those unsure here is a quick summary. ICE vehicles require petrol/diesel which is made from a type of oil which is crude oil and it is heated up until its boiling point where different gases are separated and oil isn't a infinite resources we can pump out of the ground for 1000s for years it is not like it will 'run out' instantly but according to our rate of extraction it wont be here forever. Moving onto renewable resources which is something like solar or wind this is something that won't run out or go at all it is a always here so using wind or solar pf hydroelectric power we can generate electricity a for a long time and it wont runout or become a resource that is eventually dry up and become unusable. So as you can see it is something that will happen and unless hydrogen and synthetic fuels can be made in a more eco-friendly way not just using fossil fuels.

Credit: Autocar Renault Zoe - best selling EV in Europe

Credit: Autocar Renault Zoe - best selling EV in Europe

Now I am at the last part of my article talking about my thoughts for the future of ICE's and EV's. As most people know the UK is only letting car manufacturers sell hybrid an electric vehicles after 2030 with an exception for semi trucks etc but we have already seen ford and jaguar stating fully electrifying their line-up but will many other companies follow their lead or keep ICE production until the last car sold? And in America we know Tesla have made the 'semi' and it has crazy performance and a 300 - 500 mile range but how will truck giants like Volvo or Daimler compete with this change? Well its anyone guess but whether you like it or not change is happening...

I am a 14 year old car enthusiast and this is my first article - any comments are greatly appreciated and any arguments on this topic as well.

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  • This is a great first article! My opinion as a confirmed petrolhead is that EVs lack soul. This, in the grand scheme of things isn't that big of a deal but from a marketing perspective is quite detrimental. For example, the Porsche 911 Carrera S is fundamentally overpriced in comparison to say a BMW M5. It is less practical and slower. However, it is great to drive. I would have one over an M5 as an enthusiast. This means it sells great. A BEV will never be as fun to drive as an ICE for most enthusiasts. Therefore ICE cars should not, be banned in my opinion. They can also be powered by the truly renewable synthetic fuel which will become mainstream by 2026 (probably).As governments are incredibly greedy for money the 2030 ban seems hypocritical to me.

    Also, I think the only missed point you didn't highlight was battery production. This produces around 15 tonnes of CO2. Using a European energy mix that figure will of CO2 will increase to about 20 tonnes due to non-renewable energy. This is only half an equivalent petrol powered ICE car measured using the same standards. Obviously the figure will decrease as tech advannces but I just wanted to highlight it as it is often overlooked.

    My opinion is that the ICE will remain as cars used for fun because a BEV just can't do that anywhere near as well. Speed doesn't matter too much to us enthusiasts. BEVs are superior in convenience and charging times and range within 5 years I estimate will be comparable to an ICE car due to the BEVs's simplistic design being easy to improve upon. In terms of the mainstream, boring cars of this world the BEV is likely to reign supreme if it can cut emissions properly. That's probably how I'd like it to be as well.

      1 month ago
  • It’s not about the number. It’s about our taste and the characteristic of the car. That’s why a car like Mazda MX-5 exists, and Prometheus fuel just created a carbon capture machine that reduces complexity and makes their synthetic fuel can compete with fossil fuel, and They also said they have planned to sell their fuel later this year youtu.be/m7wFCqQDPDc

      1 month ago
    • It's an interesting idea, but realistically, unless they are using electricity that would otherwise not be generated, they are not carbon neutral. A more efficient use of resources is to use that solar and wind power to charge EVs. Cost...

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        1 month ago