why "wheel warriors"?

If you have an old car and can’t let it go, that is a fight.

4y ago

It’s hard to explain our relationship with these ,wheel-based, moving objects called cars or motorbikes or whatever. You never feel completely understood if the person you`re talking to doesn’t share your interest. It feels like only half, or even less, of what you`re saying is getting through.

I’m not saying everybody should love cars or anything that moves but it feels like a member of my family is being insulted when they`re discredited to being these simple, common, bleak tools. It actually is an insult if you think about it. But lets stick to the topic.

How do you begin to make someone understand what they really are? How do you put that into words?
From the start it feels like something very hard to do. And the sad part is they probably never will understand. But that is beside the point as well. The point is that what we have with these mechanical beasts is unique.

If you have an old car and can’t let it go, that is a fight. If every Sunday you get up at 5 so you can have the roads all to yourself, that’s a fight wright there. If every time you hear an engine rev you get goosebumps, you guessed it, it’s a fight. Not a general, fist and punch, type of fight of course but a much more solitary type of fight. Some would say similar to a warrior of some sorts.

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  • I generally gravitate towards people of like mind. They get me, they understand the almost therapeutic feeling of such a basic feeling. Hard steering wheel, hard shifter, generally hard seats and you feel everything. every tick that doesn't tock just right, every bit of tarmac , every smell of yesteryear.

    I like people of different mind sets than I, to ride in a classic machine and get the experience for themselves.

      4 years ago