Why you don't want to drive your BMW m3 on the Nürburgring during a snow storm..

      This is so painful to watch, but you can't look away :(

      3y ago


      What seems like a leisurely Sunday drive soon turns into a painful reminder about the limitations of sports tyres in extreme weather conditions.

      This unfortunate F80 M3 driver lost control on the exit of a corner during inclement weather.

      Based on the low speed of the slide, we think he may have hit some black ice, and well.. then he was just a passenger in his own car.

      Thankfully the damage seems fairly minor, but serves as a reminder that we should always be careful in poor weather!


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      Comments (25)

      • When you absolutely can't let those lap tickets expire...

          3 years ago
      • Nice to see the little BMW front wheel drive brother just cruise past.

          3 years ago
      • This is why The Ring is seasonally closed on winters

          3 years ago
      • Watching somebody drive an M3 around a Reading housing estate at 5mph in the snow was nearly as bad.

          3 years ago
      • That's not driving your tyres too the limit or black ice .its stupid to even think you can drive in those conditions around any track and not have a few moments

          3 years ago
        • He pinched the wheel and gave a bit too much throttle. That's why the back came around. If he unwound the wheel a bit while applying the throttle this wouldn't have happened.

            3 years ago


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