Why You Need a Huracan

1y ago


Lamborghini Huracan

Lets start with this: Its a Lamborghini. You already know you want one, and you need one. Before driving one you get the gist of it. Hard acceleration, amazing sounds, and incredible styling. So expectations are already high, but trust me its even better than you expected.

First off the 5.2L V10 is incredible. When you hit that start button and it roars to life, you immediately can guess whats about to happen. Smash your foot on the break and do the same to the accelerator and boom, you're at 60 before you know it. Its the kind of car that you know you're breaking the speed limit. Do you really give a fuck though? The exhaust note is intoxicating and make the super speeding ticket almost worth it. The transmission is extreme quick as you go from gear to gear. You know a car has a good trans when you NEVER put it in automatic, even though the worst traffic. Simply put, the powertrain is amazing.

The interior is a huge point of discussion. If you complain about the interior by saying "for a quarter of a million dollars I wish it was better" you need to look at another car. Go buy an S-Class Coupe AMG instead. Trust me, when you're tearing though mountain roads you don't think about the interior at all. The technology is great and the center display is more than enough. You have your tachometer, speedometer, and gas gauge. You have a lot more but if you can't live with those three you really need to get better priorities. Plus how could you be mad with a nice red over to the ignition?

The exterior styling is outstanding. It's insane looking enough that it's easily recognizable as a Lamborghini, but dignified enough you could show up to a business meeting. The designers at Lamborghini know how to make a car look it's best. It's the kind of car that you want people to recognize as you cruise down the roads with popular bars so everyone walking will stare at you.

Like every car, there are a few issues. If you're too tall you won't be very comfortable. I'm 5'10" and I'm close to being too tall for the car. I fit but if you're over 6'0" prepare to adjust a bit. If you buy a spyder it's even more of an issues. I'm sure you've heard already from other reviewers that the leather on the seat squeaks if it's all the way back in the spyder. Honestly, not a huge issue but I could see how it would become taxing. The front trunk space is pretty poor but can you really expect better? Its a supercar, not a family SUV.

All around it's an outstanding car.