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If you are a car fan I am sure you will have seen many pictures and videos from the Goodwood Festival of speed over the years but if you aren’t fortunate enough to have visited I am going to go over some of the reasons you need to find a way to make it.

To begin with the sheer amount of vehicles that attend the show is mind boggling, it brings everything together from the first racing cars right up to the most modern high-tech electric racers like the VW IDR which this year smashed the 20 year old hill climb record with a staggering 39.9 seconds.

The biggest draw for me is the chance to see some of the rarest cars on the planet up close and even in some cases sit in such as the case with the McLaren Senna back in 2018. Every year Goodwood always seems to outdo it self with offering these incredible machines for you to view. A short example of this would be the 2019 show which has just occurred where you could go and see the Lamborghini SC18 Alston, which is a one off creation based on the Aventador and created by Squadra Corse (Lamborghini’s racing division). When I saw this car launch earlier this year I was certain I would never get to see this up close given the rarity and the usual process for these cars to just go and sit in a collection.

A​s if that wasn't mad enough there was another one off car right around the corner in the other Italian corner from Maranello there Ferrari P80/C which could be argued is even more insane. This unique car was commissioned by one of Ferrari’s best customers in Hong Kong who kindly let Ferrari not only display the car but also drive it up the hill, all this before he has even driven it himself. It is based on a Ferrari 488 Challenge which means it can go as well as it looks. Its having the ability to see these cars run up the hill as well as get so close you can touch them is what makes Goodwood quite unique. The only down side is it seems Ferrari are the only ones who put barriers up around their special cars, Lamborghini doesn't seem to care.

Before I end up rambling about all the individual cars at Goodwood ill move onto the other great things which is the amount of celebrities who attend the show from the best F1 drivers down to actors and singers who just love cars and bikes. It stands to reason as Mercedes aren’t going to trust any old driver going up the hill in their prized F1 winning cars so they usually use one of the current line up of drivers or their test driver. You see team principles as well as legendary drivers such as Sir Jackie Stewart. I have assembled a few pictures I have managed to grab in passing but this isn’t even close to the amount of celebrities you spot walking around as well as driving. These include in order Oliver James Webb, Paul Wallace & Sam (SeenThroughGlass), Jenson Button, Lenny The Geeza, Lewis Hamilton, Sir Jackie Stewart & finally Christian Horner.

If you ever do attend the festival of speed I would recommend from experience to attend on the Friday as the event always runs Thursday - Sunday but while the weekends are when the times runs occur there are simply too many people. If you attend on the Friday you get all the hill climbs as well as a more sustainable amount of people so you are still able to get a good spot to watch at the track side or get up close and personal with the cars without there being hundreds of others doing the same thing.

These are only a small number of reasons to attend but I can assure its worth the effort to get there and enjoy. I hope you have enjoyed this short article and if you wish to see more pictures or here more about it you are able to see me on Instagram and also listen to my podcast.