6w ago

Why you should check that battery in the rear of your BMW 1 Series!

After a Christmas period that saw me invest the best part of £300 into a new battery, a new starter motor and all over service. I was expecting the "longevity" of the vehicle to last a little longer than 3 months.

Car wouldn't turn over, not a chance. Jumping didn't work, and even using a multimeter on the terminals showed that this brand new battery had something draining it.

On closer inspection in the battery tray, I noticed the two earth's of the battery were looking ridiculously corroded (cleaned up at Christmas) and infact one had got so bad that it had melted its way through the plastic and now I have a glorious hole and perfect view of the tarmac beneath.

Not entirely certain exactly what it was that caused these cables to short and frazzle the way they did, but even more money is now set to invest into a car that just beams whenever it comes to paycheque day! 😂😩

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