Why you should choose DeTomaso over other supercar brands

5w ago


DeTomaso might be a name that the newly emerging crop if car lovers might not have heard and they are not wrong as DeTomaso has had only one famous car, the Pantera, which was in an episode of the Grand Tour. At this year's Goodwood Festival of speed, after a long long time since the Pantera went out of production, DeTomaso announced its comeback with not a new Pantera, but with a love letter to the cars of the 60s. But why should we choose it above a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Why should we care about this HongKong based company?

It has some great untold stories

It was a surprise for many that an all-new Pantera wasn't the route to comeback adopted by DeTomaso. But the P72 has a very great story, which is not known to many. Back in 1964, a guy named Caroll Shelby rang Alejandro de Tomaso and told him his intention of a collaboration, and also shrared his intention about wanting to make an all-conquering prototype racer known as the P70. Sadly though, the two parties fell out meaning that only one of the planned 50 cars was built.

DeTomaso were innovators

The first road-going car made by DeTomaso was the Vallelunga. Yes it did have a 1.6-litre unit from a Ford Cortina, but it was the first Italian Sports car to be mid-mounted engine.

It has got a good ownership

Talking of being owned by the elites, Gordan Murray, father of McLaren roadcars, is a proud owner of the Vallelunga. The Vallelunga that was at Goodwood just beside the P72.

DeTomaso has worked with many big names

Credit: RM Sotheby's

The 60s was is in the eyes of many a golden era for car designs. The hub for beautiful cars was Italy, loaded with brilliant coachbuilders. The collaboration with Shelby might not have worked out but DeTomaso did work with some great names like Tom Tjaarda, Marcello Gandini and Carlo Gaino. A look at the glorious past of these names will tell you how impressive they were.

Controversies have arisen

Controversies are not good but can sometimes give great attention to a carmaker. While the P72 is being regarded by many as the most beautiful car at Goodwood, James Glickenhaus, the person behind the Ferrari P3/4 and P4/5 has accused DeTomaso of putting "tracing paper over our P3/4”, and pasting "much of our P4/5.” Whether the controversy is right or not is something you decide, but maybe this controversy means many Ferrari or Lamborghini owners are having insecurities of having a new rival. DeTomaso will bring up the heat to the big boys.