- 2006-2010 hyundai verna

why you should consider pre-owned 2006-2009 hyundai verna over most modern hatch

you should seriously consider verna over moderns entry level hatchbacks

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So before you go on about why i am wrong and buying a new car is better than purchasing a pre owned car first hear me out (or read) and after reading this you can definitely prove me wrong in the comments section.

reasons why i think buying a decade old sedan is better than buying a new car


This ad of an old hyundai verna is just an example of how cheap and affordable this car has got, there are plenty of other verna's on for sale all around the country, and 4 lacs for a sedan is not bad granted its not new and doesnt look all that good but think of how much more you'll be getting over a normal hatchback for ex. More space and even though this car is older than YOUTUBE (well not exactly) has better quality than most modern day hatchbacks for example suzuki springs to mind.

2. Engine

This 1.6 crdi engine in verna is an absolute gem to operate okay yes its a diesel i know, i know but that low end torque in this motor is so good that you can't help but floor it every time you get in it 110 hp and 245 Nm of torque i bet your average hatchback doesn't make more than 90 hp.

3.driving dynamics

I think this is the only criteria where verna doesnt excels over a hatchback, steering wheel doesn't weights up at high speeds, lacks precision and feel and isn't as direct as you want it to be. Neither the chassis balance is perfect it has tonne of understeer at highspeed corners and at highway speeds the car doesn't feel planted but so does all this new 800 kg hatchbacks.


While the interior looks dated but its a pretty decent place to be in and on top of that hyundai setup a suspension thats so good that no matter what sort of bumps and pothole you go over it soaks up so well i'd say hyundai verna has one of the best ride qualities in the segment.

In conclusion verna is just as good as most hatchbacks if not better most of the cars in that segment cost nearly about 5 lac rupees and some more for top trim.

And you won't loose lot of money on verna because it has already gone through depreciation.

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