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Wickens shares video of him walking with a help of a cane

The Canadian racer is recovering a brutal crash.

1y ago

Robert Wickens shared a video of him walking at 'snails pace' with a support of a cane, for the first time since the horrific incident.

While under-going rehab at PitFit Training center, Wickens shared a video of him walking with support of a cane, for the first time on his own, since the horrific incident at Pocono during August 2018. He took few steps which was a big achievement for the Canadian.

The IndyCar racer tried walking earlier as well, back in November 2018, with the help of a machine, but this is the first time that he could actually walk with just the cane. Wickens also revealed that he tried to walk the same way two months ago but couldn't until now.

In the one year and four months, Wickens has made significant progress, where he also returned to the track to drive a pace car during the Toronto IndyCar weekend, where the car was prepped as per his needs with majority of hand controls.

While he has made good progress, Wickens will still need more time, considering how much effort he needed to even walk with the cane. At PitFit Training, the Canadian is working towards getting his leg muscles perfect to walk freely.

While Wickens gets up to speed, F2 racer Juan Manuel Correa is also facing similar path towards getting fully fit, to be able to race again. The Ecuador-American racer has had a rough few months as well and is at home, recovering from his injuries.

Robert Wickens shared more of his training videos, which can be found here.

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Comments (3)

  • Good for him ... that was a nasty crash and he’s lucky to have survived it. That’s the one thing about Indy car oval racing ... it’s still D D D Dangerous!

      1 year ago
    • Certain tracks are more dangerous.

        1 year ago
    • For sure ... but with average speeds hovering around 200 mph ... all crashes, and there are a lot, are gong to be more violent than road course crashes

        1 year ago