Wide-track Ford Mustang is the most outrageous car you'll see this week

    What the hell have I just seen?

    When I heard that somebody had built a 'wide-track' Ford Mustang, I naturally assumed it would look like the old 911 Safari or something but no, I was wrong. It looks like a tank. This is a purpose-built hill climber with wheels that look like tracks. Awesome.


    Weirdly, the ground clearance is the same as the standard car because the wheels are located alongside the car, instead of underneath it. Which is odd. But it works. Under the hood, you'll find a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 with two massive 67 mm turbos and a manual TH400 transmission. It puts out 1,200 bhp.

    The owner of the wide-track Mustang decided to have a race against a stock Mustang of the same generation, equipped with the Performance Pack 1 wheels and tires. The standard Mustang copes with the mud, just, whereas the 'Mudstang' feels right at home.

    The Mudstang is completely mad but I quite like it. It certainly cost a lot of money, and yeah it always feels a bit sacrilegious when you butcher a great car like that. But then again, the Mustang isn't rare or exclusive and (I presume) this outstanding build can be undone. Maybe.

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    • What’s the turning circle on this??

      There is a reason the video is on mud as a nominal degree or so of steering left/right and a boot full of throttle will result in turning the car, something it can’t do itself!!

      Just because you can extend the track and put bigger wheels on it doesn’t mean you should!!

        11 days ago
    • What kind of suspension are they running?

        11 days ago
      • Probably independent type front and rear. With a regular toothpick axel it would just snap.

          10 days ago
      • It's quite weird and has large tubes hanging out like it has live axles but it might be just really beefy CV axles, I would like to know more

          10 days ago
    • Normally I really don't like mustangs. But here it seems right at home in the wild. Plus crazy builds like this are always good for a laugh. But like Cynical I did a few double takes and had to scratch my head a few times. However, it works. If the owner is happy that's all that really matters. Blast up hills and have fun doing it. Can't be bad.

        11 days ago
    • I did a double take then WTF incongruity stumped me. 🙃

        11 days ago
    • How to be cool and uncool at the same time

        8 days ago


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