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Widebody Supra MKIV has a price tag most supercars would be jealous of

Would you pay this much for a MKIV Supra?

10w ago

The Toyota Supra (Mk4) has always been a bit of a cult icon. From its appearances in films such as Fast And Furious to the legendary 2JZ motor underneath the hood, there's plenty of reasons that the Supra deserves its time in the spotlight.

This is no ordinary Supra, however. Fitted with a widebody kit reminiscent of the super-rare 3000GT, which itself was built to celebrate Toyota's 1994 JGTC season with their GT500 class super-touring Supra.

The 'real' 3000GTs are super rare, and featured a wide body kit, redesigned front and rear wings, bumpers and other aero enhancements, including a flat floor and vented bonnet. With only 35 of these 3000GTs ever built, they were specially-numbered to designate them at TRD 3000GTs, as opposed to ordinary Supras.

This particular car appears to have been converted almost entirely to 3000GT spec thanks to TRD selling most of the parts off-the-shelf for hardcore enthusiasts, with the only noticeable missing part being the specially-designed flat floor.

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The car has also been further modified by the owner with Tein coilovers, LS400 brakes, and a set of SSR Professor M5 wheels, which sit fantastically against the motorsport-inspired lines of the bodykit.

Under the hood, the 2JZ-GTE engine has been blessed with plenty of performance parts from HKS, including a new intake system, front-mounted intercooler, and ECU tune, though the output of the car isn't listed.

The price tag for all this work? Apparently it's $84,995, with 46,989 miles showing on the clock. A ridiculous amount for any 28-year old Supra, but it'll be interesting to see if more 3000GT-inspired cars start coming out of the woodwork now that this one is in the spotlight.

Would you pay nearly $90,000 for a Supra? Let us know below!

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Comments (13)

  • If I was a millionaire why the hell not! It’s a great bit of fun.

      2 months ago
  • iTh ThAt A tHupwaaAAaAA?!?!?!

      2 months ago
  • These only will be more and more expensive(unless if it's a wrecked one)...

      2 months ago
  • I mean its a 3000gt

      2 months ago
  • It wouldn’t be worth that much if it was bone stock and had zero miles! Let alone this riced out abomination. Get real people.

      2 months ago