Wiebe Wakker completes longest journey ever made in an electric car

He drove it all the way from Amsterdam to Australia

2y ago

A Dutch adventurer has this week completed what he says is the longest journey ever attempted in an electric car.

Wiebe Wakker notched up 95,000 km on his trip, which finally came to a end on April 7th when he arrived in Australia, after starting out in the Netherlands.

He undertook the challenge to prove the viability of electric cars crossing through three continents and 33 countries in 1,119 days starting from Amsterdam to finish in Sydney.

Wakker did the journey in a retrofitted VW station wagon, named The Blue Bandit, which could go 200 km on each charge. The original non-modified car would have used 6,785 litres of petrol to complete the whole journey but Wakker spent only $300 on electricity (mostly in outback Australia). He had no car accidents during the journey the only issue he did have was one flat tyre.

Across all that and only one flat tyre!

Across all that and only one flat tyre!

“I am excited to finish in Sydney because it is as far away from Holland on as you can get on Earth,” said Wakker.

“Electric cars are a way to tackle climate change,” he said. “I wanted to change people’s opinions and inspire people to start driving electric by showing the advantages of sustainable mobility. If one man can drive to the other side of the world in an electric car, then they should definitely be viable for daily use.”

“Nearly 2,000 people from 45 countries offered to host me and during my journey and I received so much help. Locals helped repair the car when it broke down, people offered me a couch to sleep on, and many offered a plug to charge the car. I am very grateful for all the help I received and it changed me as a person."

When Wiebe Wakker finished his journey at the Sydney Botanic Gardens he not only became to first person to person to drive to the other side world in an electric car but he was also the first person to cross Turkey, Iran, India, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia in an EV.

He now plans to write a book about the experiences and feeling he has had throughout the journey when he returns to Holland later this month.

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