Wierdest cars in the world

wierd cars, parade cars, and wienermobiles

3y ago

IF you are a kiss fan, Why make a giant head and put it on a beetle

hippies are getting crazy with their rides

a morgan three wheeler with a giant shoe put on it

Why turn such a classic into a pig?

Not quite sure if this is real or photoshop

A bit off from what they where trying to achieve

How crazy do you have to be to spend thousands of dollars into making this plastic cat for your car

A lot plastic once again used to make a car look ridiculous

smart avocado car

I guess You dont need money afterall

Again, you don't need money here

An even uglier pig

Corn dragster

And last but not least we have the wiener mobiles. Consisting of a wiener Mini Cooper, a wiener bus, a wiener Rc off-road car, a wiener drone and a wiener bike with a sidecar

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Comments (2)

  • That's some epic weird! 😵 I would take out the minibus though and put in that 3-headed metal thing thats been circulating.

      3 years ago
  • My most popular post :p

      3 years ago