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Wiesmann and BMW... they will still love.

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3y ago

Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH to procure motors from BMW AG wiesmann roadster mf3 final edition

Dülmen, 10/10/2017 – the sports car manufacturer Wiesmann has signed a product development and supply contract with BMW AG regarding the supply of BMW M V8 motors.

The new Wiesmann will have a Bavarian high-tech heart. Following successful completion of the pre-development phase, BMW AG and Mario Spitzner, CEO of Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH, signed the new product development and supply contract. Wiesmann models have been running with high-performance BMW M motors since 1993. By procuring BMW M motors, Wiesmann will secure the future of its completely new generation of sports cars.

“Signing this contract with our preferred partner BMW is a milestone for Wiesmann Sports Cars. In the pre-development phase, which has now been concluded, we worked together extremely well and we are delighted to be able to collaborate with our reliable top partner BMW Group,” said Mario Spitzner.

“Our co-operation with BMW AG is an important foundation for successfully developing and positioning Wiesmann Sports Cars,“ said Mario Spitzner. The exact date when the new Wiesmann model will go on sale will be announced at a later point.

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  • These are really different. Wiesmann is making them special with the striping and nice interiors. Partnering with BMW will make them even more marketable. I'd like one!

      3 years ago