WIld Night Stallions

This is just a brief post as weather was really against me and the cars where getting condensation on them badly.

The back ends showing styling form old to new

So first the few shots i got of the new generation Ford Mustang

The side profile on the current generation mustang really is rather striking with little design nods to the original.

The rear quarter is really quiet purposeful to with the stripes just a subtle contrast to the car.

The front quarter is also full of actions and again you can just see how subtle those stripes are.

Now for that beautiful Eleanor Homage 67 Ford Mustang

looking at the 67's profile really is one you wont miss and again instantly recognisable.

i love how the car really does invite you to get in and drive no matter what angle you look at it from.

Go Baby Go !!

These two parked like this just look so mean lurking from the shadows ! Time to go Play !!!

Hope you liked this short blog from a very cold night with two very awesome cars i think you will agree :).

I hope you liked this small blog and sorry its been a quiet few days.