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Will 2022 F1 cars be faster than 2020/2021's cars?

Could we see F1 cars get quicker even with the budget cap?

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Formula 1 is suppose to be the pinnacle of automotive engineering and this is evident when you look at the track times at grand prix weekends, the times would be crumbling on most of the tracks each year which shows how fast the cars are getting year by year but with cost caps coming in 2022 I wonder, will 2022 cars be quicker than 2021 cars?

Why it seems impossible

Now at first glance it seems obvious, with so many restrictions placed on car upgrades over race weekends, the number of in-season aero upgrades, gearbox design and the introduction of standard parts and limits on things like the power unit and restrictions on brakes and wind tunnel time, it seems that the cars will be a lot closer together but might be slow.

On top of those car restrictions mentioned above, there is also a cost cap on how much teams can spend, this affects the top teams like Mercedes and Ferrari more than it does for the other teams as the top teams spend quite a lot more than the rest of the grid. For comparison, Mercedes in 2019 spent the most with $484 million, while Williams spent the least at $132 million. That is on top of the fact that Ferrari and Red Bull also spent more than $400 million and the team that finished 4th in the constructors in 2019, Mclaren, spent $269 million, which is way less then the top 3 teams.

Probably the fastest F1 car this year and for along time

Probably the fastest F1 car this year and for along time

And so with all that, its very possible that the F1 cars of 2022 will be a lot slower then those in 2021 and 2020, but...

Why it could happen tho...

On the other hand, I feel there is a small chance that the cars could be even quicker than those being used this and next year and the cars of 2019 are evidence, which was the year when F1 tried to reduce the loss of downforce when following behind another car by simplifying the aero on the car, just look at the comparison between the 2018 and 2019 Ferrari.

As you can see the wings are taller and the front wings are a lot simpler than the 2018 car and this also produces more downforce, which should have slowed the car down as it produced more drag and Autosport said the FIA expects the cars to be 1.5 seconds slower than 2018, which you can see here. And now I say in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice "However", the cars were even quicker than the 2018 cars in most of the tracks. Now you might say that just comes down to the fact the teams could spend as much as they could, but I feel for 2022 that the engineers will find a way to go even quicker then ever, if not 2022, then beyond that.

What do you think?

This is just my opinion but what do you think? Will the cars in 2022 be quicker than 2021? Please let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to bump and critic the writing and remember to not be an @ss about it and thanks for reading.

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