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Will Audi India’s ‘Lifetime Value Services’ Make A Difference?

Audi India has been quite active recently. It gave us the all-new A6 and then quietly launched the refreshed A4, both in a matter of weeks. With two new offerings on the table, the German carmaker has now beefed-up its aftersales department with the introduction of a few value-added services. Rather conveniently, it has bucketed them under the banner ‘Lifetime Value Services’. Are those worthy enough to carry the ‘Lifetime’ tag? Let’s find out.

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Extended Warranty

All customers who already have an active extended warranty for their Audi can top-up till the seventh year. The process? Audi owners can top-up the cover 15 days before or after the date from when the standard extended warranty expires. Here’s an example that explains it – if the extended warranty is expiring on, say, October 30, you can top it up between October 16 and November 15. Audi is offering one and two years extended warranty to those customers whose cars have an active standard warranty. The only condition is that the odometer reading should be less than 100,000km.

Anytime Extended Warranty

The focus word here is ‘anytime’. What that means is that Audi India will let you purchase a one-year warranty for the car even if it does not have an active cover (standard or extended). It, like the one above, is a segment-first offering. Predictably, there are a few conditions. Customers can buy the ‘Anytime Extended Warranty’ from the third year onwards until the sixth year. Apart from that, the odometer reading must be less than 100,000km. With those two conditions met, Audi will also inspect the vehicle and trace the maintenance record. Depending on the outcome, an extension of up to the seventh year might be possible.

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Other Highlights

• Membership for roadside assistance is up for grabs till the eleventh from the date of purchase.

• Flexibility to purchase Audi’s Comprehensive Service Plan until the twentieth month from the date of purchase. It covers all component failures, excluding tyres and batteries.

• Some of the service plans can cover the car for up to eight years.

With Mercedes-Benz ruling the luxury car scene in India, do you think Audi India has a chance to close the gap with such value-added services?

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