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How the future of the car in Spain will be like?

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When people tell me that cars will soon be banned from driving in cities like Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona... I know that cars will eventually change as all things do, just like my old cellphone which already is on a drawer relegated to the role of an emergency cellphone in case my newer one doesn't work

What about combustion cars? I know that combustion cars won't fully dissapear despite the imposition of electric mobility and many bottlenecks in the shape of taxes/restrictions, I bet that the change will be gradual just like people changed from the old trustworthy horse to the combustion car. and considering the immense amount of money that the auto parts industry generates… I don't think they will disappear as fast as environmentalists would like since the automotive industry is one of the biggest pillars of the economy unlike the “clean” pillars of the future .

What will happen with ICE?



When I hear in the news that there will be traffic restrictions in large cities in order to prevent air pollution without eliminating the annoying traffic jams that we "love" so much I know that combustion cars won't be able to enter major cities to a certain distance of the center, In theory you could move more or less trough a major city in your old junker until you reach a restricted mobility area. You will have to park and then... use an electric scooter, public transport or enjoy a long walk to your destination.

"since most of the money for this purpose will have gone down the drain of unions, Associations etc"

At that time, although combustion cars can no longer be manufactured and there will be big taxes on ICE vehicles... I know that ICE cars will be seen more frequently in rural and small urban areas due to their versatility in remote areas that have no acess to electricity or a charging station since in remote areas of spain is easier to find a Gas station than a wall socket in the middle of a field.

Taking into account the current political situation in Spain even if more than 5-10 years pass the charging infrastructure will not be sufficiently developed since most of the money for this purpose will have gone down the drain of worker unions, Associations etc ... delaying the green mobility that green people so much want.

Although I estimate that by that time in 2025-2030 some electric cars as the Model 3 and Model S in their lower trim versions with 350km of autonomy will have their price dropped significantly making them more acessible for the average person. altough it is obvious their battery life will take a hit by then leaving us with a problem of highly toxic battery waste for the upcoming generations, was it... Ok boomer?

As for the people who work repairing cars I have to tell them that they will not lose their jobs any time soon, the average citizen will still need them to repair or modify their car although to a lesser extent since electric cars are simpler than a combustion car with less parts. This will eventually create large job losses in the automotive sector, making combustion cars become vehicles that can only be maintained by people who understand internal combustion engines, making the classic vehicle market rise in turn... Apparently the shift to EV isn`t all about the skinny cows since a old 2005 SEAT Ibiza could be considered a classic car in 2030 right?

what will be of ICE vehicles?



I am sure that in Spain the government will want to please environmentalists since they have the power to annoy ... instead of serving the ordinary man who contributes with his hard work to the government, after all... protesting is only effective if it gives money to the goverment.

the government will want to please environmentalists since they have the power to annoy ... instead of serving the ordinary man who contributes with his hard work to the government.

As for the combustion car I know that it will likely be relegated to a secondary role in mobility becoming a weekend fun car to have fun on mountain roads or used as a vehicle for traveling long distances in a short time. You´ll likely see them more in small towns or in remote areas.

I have clear that automotive enthusiasts will likely move out of large cities due to the extreme strict regulations to polluting traffic, many of them will go to remote villages where laws are more relaxed in what is called the unhabited spain in which almost no one lives.

The Unhabited spain will be repopulated thanks to the ICE car enthusiasts stimulating the population growth and the local economy, altough the big cities will get rid of dirty cars they will still "enjoy" endless traffic jams at the entrances and exists of the city 24/7 while in the mountain towns You`ll likely be having fun in your old combustion car at full speed without having to endure the disgusted look of a environmentalist which hates that your fun car burns fossilized dinosaurs to move forward killing polear bears at each downshift.

This shift to electric mobility will also stimulate the construction of houses near racetracks that will likely be inhabited mostly by automotive enthusiasts in what I would call "Motorcities" It will be more usual than you think to see a classic sports car coming out of the garage or spot a replica of a Le-mans racing driving up to a trailer just around the corner in a motorcity, the car community as whole will not dissapear. we are currently in 2019 and there`s still people that go riding horses in the mountains even if they aren`t any faster than cars right? So be reasured... the BEV cars won`t kill the automotive community but rather make it grow.

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