W​ill Forza Horizon 5 Last Its Time?

H​orizon games generally last 2 years but Im wondering if Horizon 5 will

13w ago

N​ow, I'm just as pumped as everyone else about the upcoming Forza Horizon 5 game, in fact I'm probably more excited, considering that the noises I made upon watching the laugh trailer were "like an overexcited puppy with a bone" according to the people around me. But maybe I'm just over FH4 or am starved of the Forza Horizon magic or something else, because I feel FH5 doesn't have the goods to last its 2 year stint and am questioning the entire Forza Horizon recipe.

F​orza Horizon 4 was Playground Games's most successful Forza game to date, it introduced so many new features out of the gate like houses, character emotes/customisation and more and over time gained new features like drift adventure, the eliminator and super 7 which all contributed to it being the most game of the franchise. However, on the surface FH5 doesn't seem to have any stunning new features to keep players entertained for the full 2 years, it seems like too much of a copy paste of the standard Forza Horizon recipe with the added bits from FH4. This makes me wonder how it will stay fun and entertaining for the long term, especially considering my most recent memories of FH4 (being bored to death because I've basically finished the game and there's nothing new or interesting). Will FH5 just be a simple few days of grinding, then getting multi million credits so that you don't even notice money for years and then grinding rivals and then getting sick of the game entirely?

N​ow, this article is coming from the point of view of someone who has played the FH games since number 2 and absolutely loves them but plays them alone and has no friends that play them. This is very important because the biggest changes to FH5 from FH4 seem to be in the online gameplay side of things, which is a side I personally don't utilise and especially not for casual, having-a-laugh gaming. I just didn't see anything particularly eye catching that will keep me playing this game once I've got all the money I'll ever need, I'm honestly considering not getting VIP so I don't get infinite money so fast.

I​ do absolutely know that when the game actually comes out FH5 fever will hit me and all the other Forza players out there and that wave will carry players for at least a few months, and this map does look particularly exciting and fun to explore, especially compared with the UK map which was a city and some fields. FH5 seems to be a very play-with-your-friends orientated game, designed to provide an exploration and competitive experience between a group of players which concerns me as a solo player. I'm really looking forward to going back and reading this article once the game has come out (and probably laugh at myself for being so worried because I'll be having the time of my life).

O​f course I'm pumped and of course I'm ecstatic about a new Horizon game and this fact makes me really, really want to make this game last as long as possible. As I said at the beginning, I kind of am suspecting this is all just down to being over FH4 and having negative memories of being bored of it and not focusing on the 1.5 years of fun I had with it, and with F1 2020 kind of being dead now that 2021 is coming out in a month there are no alive and kicking racing games. What do you think?

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