WILL IT MAKE IT?! I buy a $300 Xterra and try and do a roadtrip...

35w ago

I bought a $300 Nissan Xterra from someone who was just about to junk it since they were sick of all the headaches it was giving them. So I decided to take this headache of an SUV off their hands, and put some work into it. This thing was a pile. leaking, coolant from the heater core, oil leaks everywhere, check engine lights on, blown out suspension, no exhaust... The list went on, but eventually I got it running good enough to where I thought it would be able to make it on a road where I would be driving it over 1,300 miles. I wanted to take my new little SUV from my home state of Connecticut, to Acadia National Park, and then to my families cabin right on the Maine/Canadian Border. It would be the perfect road trip... or so I thought... Give the video a watch if you get a chance. It's a 3 part series of my British girlfriend and I heading up to Maine on a road trip and her having to deal with my stupid American shenanigans. My whole channel is basically about fixing up old neglected junk no one wants and then I try to do something fun with them or just keep them out of the junkyard and on the road for the next person to enjoy.

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