Will Jaguar ever become mainstream?

It's a brand that has been struggling for a while.

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Just the other day I saw a classic Jaguar XJ R driving down the road. It looked so cool, and I felt myself suddenly wanting one very much! It had so much road presence, and albeit it old and slightly sad it looked so much better in that moment than any other similarly-aged German.

It was in that moment that I understood why Jaguar doesn't sell many cars. You see, most people who own a 3 Series or E-Class don't buy them. They have company cars. And this is Jaguar's issue, because while people may see that Jaguars are more stylish, fast and cool than competitors, the company car manager doesn't see it that way, banking for a reliable VW or slightly more premium Mercedes.

Jaguar doesn't quite have the reliable status of its rivals, partially due to the sheer number of owners it has had, malnourished under many of them. Ford especially neglected Jaguar, just like Aston, before selling it off for cheap. That's not to say Jaguar hasn't made some good cars, after all who can doubt the desirability of cars like the XE SV Project 8, F Type, XJR 575 and F-Pace SVR?

That's why Jaguar's electric plan is such a good idea. If they can bring their cars down to a cost at which the tax savings are huge over a conventionally powered German, they can steal a large chunk of the market share. The I-Pace was the trailblazer, but soon their will be an Electric XJ, E-Pace and F-Pace.

What do you think? Will Jaguar ever be able to properly compete?

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  • I wish

      2 months ago
  • I think they are gearing themselves to go that way. Their Ipace is brilliant and F & E pace are in my opinion, some of the most desirable SUV’s on the market. Then you have the F Type, Brilliant.

    Then you have the X range. Now how I’ve said it there “The X Range” sounds bloody cool but they suffer against the Germans Marcs seemingly bullet-proof reliability and let’s face it good looking cars, couple that together with it being a three pronged attack. 

      2 months ago