Will Keonigsegg brake their own record?

The Koenigsegg Rageras are coming, so look out... Koenigsegg

3y ago

Quite a record braking week it has been, first drivetribe has its record brakingly best update ever, then I watch the longest movie I have ever watched at 5 and 1/2 hours (1900), but in a close third is Koenigsegg and its 184mph record braking, production beast!

Koenigsegg are one of the few companies who have managed to start at the top, only making super/hyper cars and always making them amazing, In fact they are my favorite modern car company. They took that tittle when I learned that when you buy they car the fly you out to Sweden, and measure... your arse.

Anyway back to relevant news, the Agera RS, first it broke the record of 0-400-0km in 36 seconds. And earlier this week it crushed Buggatti once again getting to a top speed of 184mph. Thing is, I think the Ragera will beat it. The first round of Rageras are electronically limited to 249 but I think the next ones will pass 300. The hybrid kurs system is just outstanding.

Now some may say Koenigsegg have a hollow win because the new Hennessy is supposed to pass 300mph... I for one wont believe it until I see it!

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Comments (8)

  • Top speed is 284 mph. I agree, the Regera might beat it.

      3 years ago
  • it might take few years but i bet when they do it will be stagaring

      2 years ago