Will Mercedes Really Be Bought Out By INEOS?

Mercedes have dominated F1 for most of the decade but reports suggest they want to sell their team to a sponsor.

It was reported in September by Eddie Jordan that Ineos, one of Mercedes largest sponsors, was in talks to buy most of the team for £700 million. Toto Wolff then denied this saying they will stay Mercedes and aren't looking to sell but Eddie Jordan has now insisted that he is sure Ineos will buy some of the Mercedes F1 team, as quoted by London-based F1 publication Formula1News.co.uk.

Lets stop questioning if Jordan is right for one second and think why would Mercedes sell at this point?

Well the turbo era which they have dominated is continuing but the regulations will be changing a lot in 2022 so this presents challenges for them perhaps. Also they may be worried that the budget cap could make other teams more competitive and push them down the field in F1.

Also we should not forget about the pandemic we're all living in and how it has been affecting carmakers including Mercedes and its other owned companies. F1 revenue is also down so now might be a good time for Mercedes to jump ship.

After all it's better to go out strong rather than falling down and that becoming what everyone last remebers you by.

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