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Will Mercedes redefine luxury as we know it?

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In the past year I have found that Mercedes have been making some very luxurious cars. As I said in yesterday's top 5 cars that may shape the future, I mentioned that I would write a review on the Mercedes Maybach. So here it is...


We all know that this car is going down in the history of luxurious cars. We can see how finely detailed it is and how the use of every centimeter has gone to fine detail and classic designs bought back from the dead. The large grill fits in superbly with the new headlights. The new bonnet has gull-wings as a bonnet. The Maybachs body-work has truly bought back the classic design and have made it modern. I don't like the back of the Maybach as much as the front but I still do like it on an exceptional level and I think we all should. Despite looking incredible in convertible, the Maybach just doesn't look the same as a coupe as seen her in the picture below.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Coupe


The Maybach has a new never seen interior, however this seems very ambitious a the design uses holographic technology to send the telemetry to project on the wind-screen. The Maybach also has a new seating plan. These new seats are thin but made from memory -foam. The centre console has a glass design with patterns in it. You are also surrounded by a thin screen which reaches around the car. Used with paddle shifters the Maybach is planned to have 6 gears with a classic steering wheel made with a chromium centre and leather. However, I find that the interior is very bear and empty.

Maybach interior


This Maybach is equipped with an incredible 738bhp. Enough of me, here they are!

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is designed as an electric car. Thanks to its four compact permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, it features all-wheel drive. The output of the drive system is 550 kW (750 PS). The shallow underfloor battery has a usable capacity of approx. 80 kWh. This not only allows performance characteristics typical of a sports car (acceleration from 0‑100 km/h in under four seconds, top speed electronically governed at 250 km/h) but also a range of over 500 kilometres according to the NEDC (over 200 miles according to EPA).

Thank you for reading and as always, have a great day!

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  • The convertible is incredibly beautiful, the coupe not as much. I really hope they build it sometime

    7 days ago
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