Will petrolheads in future become 'electricheads'?

Resistance is futile. You will be electrified.

3y ago


First of all, 'electrichead' sounds like someone wearing a tin foil hat. But as much as we might not like it, our children (or grandchildren, if you are old like James May) will be driving electric cars. The reserves of liquid dinosaurs are running out and our cars will poetically but tragically meet the same fate as the dinosaurs that have been giving them life for all those decades - they get buried in dust.

Keep calm, car enthusiasts will perhaps still be called 'petrolheads' in the same way the floppy disk stayed as the save icon. One day your (grand)child will come to you and ask you, "What is petrol?" In that moment, your eyes will get all misty and you will remember the roar of a mighty V12-rex. You will explain how we had these engines where thousands of explosions happened every minute, you will be the hero who tamed fire. And when the kid utters 'wow', you will think you've done something good in your life.

Then again, if driving in silence means that our grandchildren have a planet to live on, then it's quite an achievement itself. (No, Mars doesn't do, Elon, there are no roads.) Being called 'petrolhead' will become a reminder of distant, loud and exciting past and a nickname for those who refuse to use self-driving cars. The future of driving is silent but it has immediate power and torque. And it sounds... electrifying.

Welcome to Electric Motoring Pals. The tribe of the future.

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