RAM is on a massive upswing at the moment thanks in part to its latest generation of the 1500 and rumored models like the Dakota and Rebel TRX. While many people are considering this to be a RAM renaissance, it's important to remember that there are several factors that led RAM to enter this second golden age.

Don't forget that Dodge wowed the truck market back in the mid-1990s with the second generation Ram models. With a sophisticated interior and styling that made the Silverado and F-Series seem downright utilitarian, the Ram was able to secure a massive section of the market. As the F-Series and Silverado fought back with newer engines, modern styling updates, and more up to date interiors and technologies, the Ram lagged behind.

The fourth generation Ram 1500 came out for 2009 and was responsible for a massive surge in overall sales that has nearly tripled in the years since its launch. The fourth generation Ram became more luxurious and more family focused, while also packing some serious power under the hood courtesy of FCA's impressive gasoline and diesel engines.

The fifth generation Ram aims to continue this upward trend and with the Rebel TRX promising Hellcat-like power figures, while the Heavy Duty Ram provides the most powerful diesel engine out of the Big Three at the moment, it's no surprise that RAM is on its way to the top, but there are also several other factors involved with the amount of developments within the brand at the moment.

FCA CEO Mike Manley is using corporate a RAM chassis to create the upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The Jeep Gladiator was built with the understanding that RAM would be making a smaller version of the RAM-Series, and will most likely be a revival of the Dakota.

Both of these projects will use corporate parts that don't need a lot of new developments, which helps keep cost down, and with prices competitive with the rest of the segment, they'll likely be cash crops for RAM and Jeep respectively. Add in the fact that FCA hasn't been producing new models for Chrysler and Dodge, and it suddenly becomes clear as day.

FCA has been pouring its money into Jeep and RAM because they know they will make money, it's simply a matter of aligning their products with brands that have continued to sell well, and increase their sales. The RAM lineup has done exceptionally well in the past decade, and with the sudden developments from Jeep as well, we're likely to see some pretty exciting models from RAM within the next few auto show cycles.


RAM is on a hot streak, and with several new models on the way, RAM will continue to be a success, as long as the market remains focused on buying pickup trucks for casual use as well as utilitarian purposes.

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