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Will Red Bull Protest Mercedes For Allegedly Cheating?

Prior To The Load Test

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As we all know, Christian Horner has been shedding light on the immense straight-line speed of Mercedes for quite a while. Ultimately, he came forward at the Qatar GP with a photo showing score marks on the endplate of the Merc's rear wing.

How did the score marks come up?

According to Christian, the score marks were caused by the successive bending of the rear wing main plane. Horner mentioned that when the Merc's are driving above 250KM/H, the main plane bends and increases the DRS gap. Thus, making the W12 less draggy on the straights which provide extra straight-line speed.

Horner put pressure on the FIA to do their jobs and investigate the Merc's rear wings. Which they did following the Qatar GP qualifying by performing a load test on the main plane rear wing. Starting with 80 kilograms across the width of the wing and incrementally increasing the weight to check if the main plane is bending.

Why did Horner go through all of this trouble?

The point of all of this was to strip Mercedes of any advantage they have over the Bulls on the straights. Which is part of the sport as explained in a previous video.

The FIA performed the load test and concluded that Merc's rear wing was within the regulations. However, during the Qatar GP, Merc's straight-line speed was on par with the Bull's. Does this mean that the consecutive nagging from Horner pushed Mercedes to go back to the old rear wing spec prior to Qualifying?

Will Red Bull Protest Mercedes?

During an interview with Horner last Saturday, he confirmed that the photo of the score marks on the rear wing was one piece of evidence of a complete protest document. He further confirmed that they have similar photos and possibly a video showing those score marks since Hungary earlier this year.

Horner is waiting for Jeddah GP to monitor Mercedes' straight-line speed. If the Merc's speed is slightly above the Bull's as expected due to the new engine of Lewis, then this means that the load test did its job and stopped Mercedes from using the bendy rear wing.

However, it doesn't mean that Red Bull will forget about the advantage Mercedes were having since Hungary. In fact, Red Bull will keep the protest document as a last resort for their championship chances. If Red Bull win, they might let it go. But if they lose the championship and if they actually have video evidence, then they will submit the protest to the FIA and launch a long investigation about Mercedes rear wings which could strip the latter of the title in case it was proven to be true.

Do you think Red Bull have enough evidence to prove Mercedes were cheating? Do you think Red Bull will protest Mercedes? Comment below so we can discuss.

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