Will servicing vehicles become irrelevant?

6d ago


With owning a vehicle comes many responsibilities, including getting a regular service.

By why does your motor need servicing? And, with the latest tech developments, will vehicles always need servicing, or will this become irrelevant?

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of getting your motor serviced as frequent check-ups can keep an eye on whether everything is working as it should be. By not servicing your vehicle, it’s likely that you’ll find your motor’s performance will begin to deteriorate.

You’ll start to see some perks, including increased fuel-efficiency along with a smoother running engine and better braking. On top of this, you’ll be able to put more trust into the safe running of your car, and any potential problems will be flagged up early, saving you cash in the long run.

But, most of all, a servicing history will help retain your vehicle’s market value. If you’re going to be selling your motor on a few years down the line, being able to provide a full-service history will reassure a buyer that the motor has been cared for.

So, while servicing can be a pain, there are obvious benefits. But will it remain relevant for the future when electric vehicles and self-driving cars hit the road in force?

The Future

To begin with, the primary struggle with servicing will be finding an engineer who has knowledge of the mechanics of either electric or autonomous vehicles. The lack of a combustion engine will mean you’ll have to head to the dealer for a check-up. Depending on your warranty, this may cost you more than heading to your normal mechanic.

But, by the time electric vehicles become the main vehicle type on the road, most mechanics will know how to service them and, with the engine’s components much simpler than a normal motor, they’ll be fairly simple to care for. There will, obviously, be other general wear and tear, but it’s predicted that the overall cost of maintaining the vehicles will be cheaper.

That is with the exception of battery replacements. As you’ll probably find with most of your other techy products, batteries do lose the ability to hold charge. Unfortunately, this will be the same with electric motors – the longer you have the vehicle, the shorter the driving distance before you have to plug in and recharge.

The Result

Overall, servicing will remain an important part of owning a vehicle. But, as tech develops, servicing will become less of a chore, and the main focus of maintaining your vehicle will be keeping an eye on those pesky battery lives.

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