- Race version of the 720S

Will The 720S GT3 Destroy The Competition Like Its Road Going Version?

1y ago


It seems like a day of British supercar reveals. Along with Aston Martin's new Vantage announcement, McLaren have revealed these sketches of their upcoming 720S GT3 racecar.

The new 720S GT3 will replace the current 650S GT3 racecar and continue McLaren's participation in the GT3 racing series. McLaren plan to start the testing of this new car from next year and enter the GT3 competitions from 2019. McLaren will build this racecar in a separate facility at their Woking factory.

Image Credits : McLaren Automotive

From these sketches, we can guess some of the exterior modifications done to convert the 720S into a GT3 racecar. Along with the wide body kit, the GT3 car gets a completely redesigned front end. The air intake at the front which sits above a massive front splitter has been englarged. The other standout features such as the twin canards, louvers as well as the vented bonnet complete the aerodynamic upgrades at the front.

Towards the back, things get slightly more exciting. The rear bumper has been completely redesigned to house a bigger air extraction grille as well as there are cutouts behind the wheels for better air flow. The sight of those fat tyres from behind has to be my favourite view of this car. Simultaneously, the 720S GT3 gets a towering rear wing as well as a massive diffuser to complete the racecar look.