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Will the Divo be faster than the Chiron?

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I'm a huge Bugatti enthusiast which means I had a stroke when I found out that there was a new Bugatti coming out. The background information on the Divo is that it will be a so called "concept car" it will be limited to 40 models which have all been pre-ordered. The Bugatti Divo takes inspiration of the Bugatti Vision Grand-Turismo, you can make this out just by looking at the body work.

The Divo in my vision actually looks bigger and bulkier than the Chiron so I was surprised to hear when it was lighter, in fact, the Divo is a almost the super leggera version of the Chiron. This is where we hit the more "geeky" side of the car. The Divo in action is a car made more for aerodynamics more than speed wear as the Chiron was made for the complete opposite. You can tell which Bugatti was made for aerodynamics just by looking at them. All this aerodynamics must make a difference in the performance, right? Yes, apart from a more luxurious interior on the Chiron the part that sends the Divo right and the Chiron left is the performance. As you might have made out, the Divo isn't at all as fast as the Chiron and yet it beat the Chiron by a whopping 8 seconds on the Nardo test track, that's like a year in car time. This is because the Divo has an extra 90 kg of downforce than the Chiron however the Divo is limited to 236 mph which is still an incredible top speed. The Divo has a few bits and bobs that have been stripped away and a Carbon Fibre chassis. To summarise the Divo it is a Chiron that has gone to a weight loss company. On the more serious hand the Divo has a whopping 1,479 bhp. The Divo is classed as a sports, mid-engined, all wheel drive with a 8.0L quad turbo-charged W16; The Divo is a 7 speed dual-clutch. In comparison to the Chiron, I won't bore you to death with a massive article on the Chiron, I'll just compare them. The Chiron weights 35kg more than the Divo, however, the Chiron is faster which means the Chiron still holds it's crown as the fastest road legal car in the world. However, in a race the Divo will beat the Chiron as the Divo will be able to maintain it's speed where as the Chiron will have to slow down a bit more to turn. Thank you for reading my first article, have a great day!

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