Will The Next Jaguar F-Type Be Electric?

Don't take the SVR's raucous noise for granted, it might not be around for long...

2y ago

Jaguar is reportedly looking into creating an electric F-Type when this model gets replaced in a couple of years’ time. Nothing has been confirmed at this moment in time, but there’s a high chance that there’ll be an electric model at some point.

Downsizing to a four-pot was obviously the first step. That shocked a fair few purists, who might have a heart attack at the thought of a Jaguar that whispers instead of growls. But the company has shown that electrification fits in their line-up, with the all-new, all-electric I-Pace SUV. The I-Pace is giving the Tesla Model X a bloody nose, so it’s not inconceivable that a sports car could use the same propulsion.

But it won’t be like driving a milk float, and I would hope you’d have guessed that. We don’t know how much power it’ll produce, but take the I-Pace’s 197bhp electric motors as a starting point. Added to that will be a high-performance battery pack with excellent energy density, so it’ll offer more oomph than the SUV’s 90kWh battery.

The electric motors can be spread across the car and across each axle, meaning future Jaguars can still be either rear- or all-wheel-drive – the latter will allow the power to be deployed differently depending on the situation, so it’d be heavily rear-biased if you were taking to the track. The batteries would be squeezed below the floor, giving an amazingly low centre of gravity and hiding some of the extra weight.

Don’t worry just yet if you haven’t completely embraced EVs, as a V8 could be on the cards too. It’d be shared with BMW to balance out dwindling interest in big, thirsty V8 motors – if Jag decides to go petrol at all, that is. Jaguar is keen to highlight its electric car development, through its Formula E team and that gorgeous E-Type Zero (above) revealed earlier this year.

The company must have Teslas on a dartboard, as their next EV is expected to be a silent replacement for the luxurious XJ. A new XK 2+2 coupe is also due, which will use the same platform (and therefore perhaps the same powertrain) as the F-Type.

If you’re thinking the F-Type has already been around a while, you’re right. At this point it’s six years old, but still has at least two years of production ahead of it. Two years to enjoy the fruity noises it makes, eh?

Are you excited about an electric Jaguar F-Type?

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Comments (21)

  • Ian Callum also stated in a recent interview that sound is important. So hopefully they’ll stick to a petrol/petrol-Hybrid powertrain.

      2 years ago
  • is there a dislike button?

      2 years ago
  • I hope they go V8 Hybrid. EVs are still too heavy, so the handling won’t be great. The infrastructure still isn’t great either (unless you have a Tesla).

      2 years ago
    • Exactly, at the moment most companies seem to have different charging setups. I don’t think it’d be a V8 hybrid, they’d probably use the 2.0-litre F-Type engine

        2 years ago
    • I am not an handling expert,however I did have the opportunity to drive iPace and experience it being driven at pace by a racing driver. I thought it handled with poise.

        2 years ago
  • Well about time somebody was a bit more honest, rather than sensationalising electrical powered transport. It isn't anything new or quirky. Its been around for well over a century and continuously developed technically. It has been usually on the bigger side and very powerful - think of commuter trains through to IGV.

    For road vehicles, as pointed out, there is one limiting item that hasn't kept up with motors, control systems, etc., the energy store or battery.

    Quite simply an energy store that is 40 times heavier than fossil fuels, and can't be "recharged" in 5 minutes at a network of competing 'petrol stations' imposes severe limitations on the practicality. Batteries have improved from the basic lead/acid technology, but the last step change in commercial technology was a decade ago.

    So a EV car with the versitility of current FF or maybe hybrids awaits a a massive technological battery step change; in the real world not present promising lab tests.

      2 years ago
    • EV fan here!

      An energy store that's 40 times heavier than fossil fuels? Data?

      The energy store is at least 4 times more efficient (!) You can add the inefficiency of production / transporting fossil fuels to that.

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • If EVs are the future - why are we not in Gen 1 versions?

      2 years ago