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Will there ever be enough charging stations?

The UK has a lack of EV charging stations. Will that always be the case?

6d ago

What is the issue?

In 2011 there were 1,500 charging stations across the UK but just 2,600 cars this is 1.73 cars per charging station. In 2021 so far, the amount of charging stations has increased to a seemingly large 37,000 stations but there are now over 348,200 electric and hybrid cars on the road. This means we are now at 9.5 cars per charging station. This means though we may have made much more progress in building these charging stations, we still are not building enough to supply the population. The amount of electric cars is growing so much faster than the amount of charging stations that if progress in increasing the rate of charging station building is not made, we may have over 47 cars per charging station in the UK by 2030!

This is also not the only issue because the charging stations are not evenly spread across Britain, for example you can find a much higher concentration of charging locations in urban areas such as London than you can in parts of Scotland or especially parts of Devon.

Another issue which drivers face is a lack of unification across the country. There are multiple subscription charging stations and to be able to drive through most of England comfortably you would need more than one. This means that the cost can be many times higher than the cost of one subscription service.

What is the government doing?

Most parts of the UK are now offering subsidies for installing charging stations. When installing a charging station which would usually be £800, the government will pay £300 towards it almost halving the price. Some places offer free electric car charging as well but this doesn't help when your range is less than the distance to the nearest charging station.

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Comments (4)

  • Whenever the government incentives and infrastructure funds are deemed lucrative for private investments in charging networks, more will be in place. Give Boris sometime to get it sorted, his knickers are a tad twisted with the pandemic, post-Brexit uncertainties and shift in geopolitical dynamics with EU, China and America. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      6 days ago
  • Got to be simple, rapid chargers only, pay as you go with normal credit and debit cards, if you sell EVs you must have at least three rapid chargers available to the public 24/7. National agreed price cap per kWh!

      1 day ago
  • Your very title itself is wholly inaccurate. There are plenty of charging points, but too many are out of service. With private enterprises and ever more manufacturer-owned charging stations being rolled out as EVs become an increasing feature on the UK road network, the chance to hook customers up and be next to your cafe, shop, leisure-outlet, becomes more and more attractive an opportunity for forward thinking retailers. It pays to remember that entirely unlike petrol and diesel fired vehicles, EV drivers largely charge their vehicle at home, overnight. As EVs become cheaper and more mainstream, street-parking chargers will be rolled out by Councils looking for new income streams (instead of parking fines?) An examination of EV sales over the last ten years reveals us to be at the acceleration point of an initially exponential S-curve in EV technology and uptake. This is a well known transition that has taken place many times in the past as a new technology has overtaken the old one. Fortunes will be made and lost in the next ten years and changes will take place vastly more quickly than it has up until now.

      5 days ago
  • Nope because Porsche has just made EVs useless 😁😁😁

      6 days ago