Will This Classic Nissan Sunny Truck Brighten Your Day?

1y ago


Built from 1971 up until the early 1990s, the Nissan Sunny Truck served as a tiny utility truck for the Asian Pacific region. Although these tiny truck were never sold in the United States, its age means Sunny Trucks can be legally imported into the US. Now these highly collectible tiny Nissans are ready to be the JDM collectors truck of your dreams.

The Sunny Truck is small, slow, and lacks any sort of comfort features to make it comfortable. This unibody pickup truck is a refreshing opposition to the large luxurious trucks on sale today. It's a truck that could only come of out 1970's Japan where space was tight and gas was expensive.

The Sunny Truck is powered by a 1.2-liter inline-4-cylinder that produced a staggering 82 horsepower! Thanks to this measly power-plant the Sunny Truck wasn't fast and it couldn't haul heavy equipment. But who cares it has fender mirrors and got 49MPG!

The stylish little Japanese truck is a darling of the JDM collector world thanks to it's radical styling and affordable price. Today many enthusiasts spend a lot of time resorting these little trucks into car show winning machines.

Once such example is being sold by our friends at Japanese Classics. This company specializes in the importing and selling the JDM forbidden fruit to us Americans. The Sunny Truck they're selling has been personally restored by their team into a show car.

Japanese Classics lowered the truck into a stance nation show piece and redid the interior to respectable level. This raised the price to $18,000. So if you're in the market for a perfect low mileage Sunny Truck in the United States, here it is!